WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses 7.9.19 w/ The Chairman

HIT: Kevin Owens Speaks For Everyone

Smackdown Live started with an altercation in the parking lot between Owens and Dolph Ziggler which led to Shane McMahon ejecting Owens from the arena and cancelling the match between Owens and Ziggler. Owens showed up and put Shane on blast. He criticized Shane for taking all the television time from countless amounts of wrestlers we never see. This prompted Shane to come out and have all of Owens microphones shut off as he was grabbing them. Granted we all know at the end of the day the WWE has to change opposed to preaching it, but clearly somebody knows everyone is sick of Shane.


MISS: Ziggler Still the Main Event

After the match between Ziggler and Owens got tossed out. Shane McMahon decided to have Dolph Ziggler still wrestle in the main event, but against Roman Reigns. Of course Shane McMahon and his posse had to make their presence known making this more about them than the wrestlers again. By this point in the show I was burnt out and didn’t care about the match. Only highlight was when Owens showed up giving Shane the Stunner. Either or, we’re still having Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre face Roman Reigns and Undertaker at Extreme Rules and this feud is getting way more TV time than it deserves.


HIT: Nakamura and Balor Still Work in WWE

It’s been forever, but we finally got to see Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura wrestle tonight. The title wasn’t on the line, but it was a nice match between two of my personal favorites. Nakamura dominated the majority of the second half of the match that he eventually won. With the big win for Shinsuke, you figure he would be getting a title shot soon. Unfortunately Finn Balor falls victim taking a loss in a non title match. Would love to see these two wrestle at Extreme Rules for the title and would love it more if the Club somehow someway got involved.


MISS: No Alexa, But the Story Continues On

Some reason Alexa Bliss has been absent from television (again), but Nikki Cross is trying her best to keep the title feud with Bayley interesting. Sadly though it’s hard to get invested in this feud. The storyline isn’t working to Nikki’s strengths. Nikki wrestled Carmella tonight and I didn’t care. You knew Nikki was going to win before the handicapped match at Extreme Rules. You also know Nikki will lose to Bayley and costing Alexa the title in the process which will lead to their fallout and Charlotte to waltz right back into the title picture before Summerslam.


HIT: Aleister Black Finally Finds Opponent

Weeks of Aleister Black asking for a fight have finally gone somewhere. It was revealed tonight that Cesaro wants to pick a fight. It’s about time Black finally stepped in the ring again being it’s been a few months. Meanwhile Cesaro gets a pay per view singles match that could hopefully propel him to bigger and better things.


MISS: Kofi and Samoa Joe Reduced to Quick Promos

Not sure what’s going on in creative, but all we got tonight from Samoa Joe and Kofi Kingston were some quick promos hyping up their match Sunday at Extreme Rules. Kind of odd the WWE Championship scene was reduced to nothing while Shane McMahon was featured in the main event. Some rumors are running wild that Kofi is injured, but still would’ve liked to see Joe squash somebody then on the road to Extreme Rules.


That concludes this week. Other than Balor vs Nakamura and Kevin Owens, mostly a miss episode for me. Enjoy Extreme Rules this Sunday and thanks for reading.