Bumping Up…Dutch

Interviews can be a tricky topic. Not only do you have to create engaging content, but you also have to come up with questions that make for a cohesive read. And that’s all before you’re even able to find time in the interviewee’s busy schedule to ask the questions.

If it were an interview with someone you’re already aware of, then it’s more likely you will read it, right? But what about those you don’t know. You could be missing out on getting to know your next new favourite wrestler, and you wouldn’t even know it.

So, in order to spread the word on talent on the indie circuit, I got straight to the basics.

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So without further ado, let’s get down to brass tacks & introduce you to…

Name: Hayden “Dutch” Loeve

Age: 36

Hometown: Lincoln England

How many years have you been a professional wrestler?

The wresting business became my only job in 2013 between wrestling, a training school, training and nutrition advice, ring hire and cage hire. I first got in the ring in 2000.

Who are your role models? (either currently or growing up)

Far too many to name! As a child I liked Marty Jones, Davey Boy Smith, Dynamite, Regal & Danny Collins to name a but a few of the British guys. L.o.D, Warrior, Brett & Owen Hart & Jake Roberts, again, to name but a few from the WWF, but honestly I could go on and on naming the people I now/still look up to.

Was this something you always wanted to do or did you slowly transition from ‘9-5’ to where you are now.

I remember telling my parents at around 9 years old that I’ll be a wrestler when I grow up…only to be met with the ‘you’re too short’ talk.

What are your main goals for the next few years?

To keep going as long as my body let’s me, to get the guys I’ve trained and helped train to get where they want to be & to make my family proud. I also want work more tag matches with my Perfect Tragedy tag partner (and brother) KD.

What’s your proudest achievement in your career so far?

Seeing people I’ve trained take bookings on a fairly or fully regular basis. Seeing people overcome obstacles in the business, and to have been in the ring with people I looked up to from childhood and my formative years.

And finally where are some of the promotions fans can currently see you in action?

Predominantly I’m on Fight Factory Wrestling UK shows around Lincolnshire & HEW Essex but I’m always trying to fill remaining dates anywhere I can.


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