WWE NXT 7.3.19

Aliyah vs Mia Yim

I actually like both of these women. I think Aliyah with Vanessa Borne can be a decent mid-card act. And Mia Yim has a unique look to her that will help down the line. Aliyah gets Yim down to the mat then paint brushes and taunts her. Yim gets up and shoulder tackles Aliyah down. Yim goes for a cannon ball in the corner but Borne moves Aliyah out of the way. Aliyah lands some kicks but eats a boot in the corner and Yim applies the tarantula in the ropes. Aliyah catches Yim with an enziguri then applies a stretch chinlock. Yim gets out then drops Aliyah into the turnbuckle and hits the cannonball then a belly-to-belly. Yim takes out Aliyah and Borne on the outside then hits Protect Ya Neck for the win.

WINNER: Mia Yim- Much better than the women’s match from two weeks ago. Aliyah is a step up from Taynara Conti.

After the match Yim goes to the announce table and tells Shayna she is coming for her.

We get a recap of Io Shirai’s heel turn last week. William Regal is there to give an update but in come the Forgotten Sons, demanding a Title match despite losing last week. Regal says they are in the back of the line. And next week the Street Profits will take on Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan.

Adam Cole shows up to Johnny Gargano’s dad’s pizza shop to pick up pizzas. He also hangs up an autographed picture of himself. Of course Johnny’s dad happens to have a NXT shirt on. Johnny’s dad takes down the picture of Cole. Cole then shows up to I believe Gargano’s wrestling school. Cole says Gargano is full of crap. None of them can be NXT Champion some day. Cole tells all of them to just give up and to find themselves a new hero. Nice little piece there.

Kushida vs Jeff Parker

A squash match for Kushida where he wins with the Sakuraba Lock. You can tell this is the last taping for the day because the crowd is dead.

Tyler Breeze interview. Breeze says he is there tonight to prove that this place was NXBreeze long before Undisputed Era was there.

Killian Dain video package.

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs Cameron Grimes

Scott of course is formerly Shane Strickland. Grimes is formerly Trevor Lee. Both men exchange early mat work to start. Grimes finally lands some forearms to the back, but Scott hopes over a charge and hits an enziguri and dropkick. Scott follows it up with an elbow from the top for two. Grimes escapes a headlock and drops Scott in the ropes. After a long armbar Grimes catches Scott with a lariat and goes back to an armbar. Grimes goes to the top but Scott hits a head scissors off the top and starts a comeback. Grimes tosses Scott to the outside but Scott lands on his feet, then hits a splash onto Grimes coming back in the ring. Scott rolls into a flatliner on Grimes for two. Grimes blocks a pin attempt and picks up Scott for a sitout powerbomb for two. Scott hits Grimes with a running moonsault to the outside. Grimes hits a running double knees stomp for the win after some quick exchanges leading into it.

WINNER: Cameron Grimes- I really don’t know what they were going for early on in the match with the long rest holds. I might have had Scott win here. He was a bit more over with the crowd.

Bianca Belair vs Zuniga?

They never spelled out the jobber’s name. Belair beats her down the entire match and shows off her strength with a gorilla press. Squash win for Belair.

Matt Riddle training video.

Roderick Strong vs Tyler Breeze

Strong tries to keep it on the mat early on but Breeze backs Strong into a corner and lays in some boots. But Breeze yells at the ref and Strong takes him out. Strong misses a through the ropes dropkick and Breeze lays him out with a right hand. Breeze goes on the steps but slips, so Strong grabs him and drops Breeze on the steps, and follows it up on the barricade. Strong works over the back of Breeze back in the ring. Breeze ducks a charge and hits a jawbreaker. He catches Strong with an enziguri and hits a forearm off the apron to the outside. Breeze goes to the top but Strong hits a step up enziguri. They exchange punches until Strong hits another enziguri and a superplex for two. Strong goes off the ropes and Breeze hits a sidekick for two. They exchange punches again until Breeze hits another enziguri. O’Reilly and Fish charge the ring. The distraction is enough to allow Strong to hit End of Heartache for the win.

WINNER: Roderick Strong: Be careful what you ask for Tyler. Breeze hasn’t won a match yet since coming down to NXT. Strong is being set up for Dream, but Breeze needs a win eventually.

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