NXT UK 07.03.19

Rhea Ripley Vs Piper Niven

Ripley has had enough and has called out Niven to show her that she is the force of the two of them. Not one to back down, Niven runs to the ring and the fight begins. As dominant as Niven usually is, it’s Ripley who owns this match-up for the most part. Fast, furious and with pure determination. So much so, I have never seen Niven take this much of a beating before. Just as i think it’s all over Niven lands a sweet headbutt on Ripley, regains control…and gets the win! Did not see that one coming. What a start to the show.

Jack Starz Vs Alexander Wolfe

From one dominator to the next. Wolfe had hold of Starz (literally) from the get go & didn’t let him go until he lay down a sweet German suplex. He scooped him up…then went right back to it. Domination was the theme of the night and boy did Starz feel it. He gave it a shot, but in the end had no chance. Wolfe for the win.

Luna & Blaze Vs Jazzy Gabert

I mean, do I really need to write about this? It finished quicker than I can type! Building Gabert up as a monster is a smart move though. She’s a true bad ass. Championship material in the making.

Grizzled Young Veterans Vs Moustache Mountain (NXT UK Tag Team Titles)

All 4 men are superb at what they do. Those chops by Seven are insane! & the sneaky heel tactics of the Vets is pure genius…I literally have no idea where this is going to go.

The GYV have a period of domination (there goes that word again) over Seven, but as soon as Bates enters the ring the tables once again turn. The back and forth between both teams is just what you would expect from 4 top tier wrestlers. It’s chaos and carnage and pure mayhem. We were SO close to having new tag team champions (Gibson made an insane kick out!) but it all came to an end when good old Imperium crashed the party. I’m a fan of that faction, but I would have much preferred a clean finish. Buy, it is what it is doesn’t take away the fact that all in all, that show was amazing.