WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses 7.2.19 w/ The Chairman

HIT: Kevin Owens Asking the Wrong Questions

Smackdown Live started off with another Kevin Owens Show segment. His guest were the worst in the world duo of Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre. What was starting off to be another cringe opening promo suddenly got interesting. Kevin Owens started asking questions Shane didn’t want to answer and when KO finally asked the question of Shane McMahon losing to the Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match in his return to WWE made him snap. This prompted Dolph Ziggler to run out and Kevin Owens just snapped. Owens unloaded ripping Ziggler about his failed championship pursuits and how we’re all sick of his “it should’ve been me” crap. So Kevin Owens is appearing to trend towards the face side of the alignment chart which basically made his recent heel turn pointless.


MISS: Talk Show Overkill

In the first hour of Smackdown Live, we got to witness the Kevin Owens show and a Moment of Bliss with Nikki Cross asking the questions to Bayley. I watch Smackdown Live for the wrestling, not talk show segments. They’re fine in moderation, but it’s overkill. Throw in Miz TV and whoever else has a talk show segment and the WWE is being overrun with them. They also have countless backstage interviewers that can just as easily ask these questions. Member how awesome Mean Gene was back in the day? Even startup Michael Cole, Coach, and Kevin Kelly filled the role perfectly fine. Hell take a page out of the Elite playbook and put these talk show segments on the Network or Youtube. Bottom line is there needs to be more wrestling and less talking. Especially when it’s the same old promo week in, week out.


HIT: Kofi Kingston Gives Samoa Joe the Salute

Kofi Kingston and Samoa Joe had a face to face encounter in the ring tonight. Usually it’s a contract signing, but I’m guessing a contract signing table wasn’t in the budget. Kofi and Joe went back and forth and things intensified by Kofi when he told Joe he would never have a Wrestlemania moment with his kids like he had this past year. This prompted Joe to offer Kofi his hand and if he shoke his hand, he vowed he’d be safe until Extreme Rules. Kofi hesistated, but instead shockingly flipped off Samoa Joe and nailed him with Trouble in Paradise. Great segment and made Kofi look like a serious champion. Loved this segment and loving the story these guys are telling. This should be one of the highlights at Extreme Rules.


MISS: Pairing Kevin Owens and Dolph Ziggler Together?

What is this, 2000 WCW Lethal Lottery??? Obviously the team didn’t work out as Kevin Owens did the job to Heavy Machinery in the main event. Shane McMahon told Owens and Ziggler that neither deserved a WWE Championship title shot, but if they wanted gold, they’d have to beat Heavy Machinery to qualify for a tag team title match at Extreme Rules. Daniel Bryan of course stole the moment with his commentary and the brawl between him and Rowan against New Day was more entertaining than the match in the ring. After the match, Owens gave a stunner to Ziggler setting up a feud that nobody probably wants.


Smackdown Live tonight wasn’t very good. More talking segments than wrestling and some of the wrestling matches felt rushed. Very frustrated we got nothing from Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura when it looked like they were going to start a program last week. Kofi Kingston and Samoa Joe are the highlights on Smackdown Live right now along with Daniel Bryan as of late. I’d definitely consider skipping this one if you haven’t seen it. With that, thanks for reading. Follow me on Twitter @ChairmanSV for my latest thoughts.