Justin C’s Alternate WWE Universe: Week of 6.24.19

We are a Twitter argument free universe here. So we aren’t going to jump into that world. This past weekend was WWE Stomping Grounds, so lets take a look at what happened in MY Universe.

-Seth Rollins retained the Universal Title

-Kofi retained the WWE Title

-Buddy Murphy won the Intercontinental Title

Also remember that last week I announced the return of the King of the Ring Tournament, with qualifying matches starting this week. Here is a look at the official bracket.


Lets get into this week’s shows!

WWE RAW 6.24.19

8:00-8:10: Seth Rollins comes out to celebrate his win last night at Stomping Grounds. Rollins says he has officially slayed the beast and that the era of Brock is over. (This is true, I have no plans in my Universe for Brock at the moment). Out comes Sami Zayn. Zayn says he has been waiting for this opportunity long enough. At King of the Ring, he will shut up his critics and prove he deserves to be Universal Champ. He will break the myth that is Seth Rollins. Rollins lets Zayn know that his big mouth won’t be able to help him when they step in the ring, and come King of the Ring, Rollins will stomp Zayn’s mouth shut.

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8:15-8:35: Ricochet vs EC3 in our first King of the Ring qualifying match. Ricochet picks up the win and advances.

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8:45-8:55: We get a recap of the Revival/Usos match from Stomping Grounds, which had the Revival winning a bloody brawl after the Revival injured Jimmy. Jimmy’s knee is not severely damaged and he is expected to recover.

Backstage, Lacey Evans confronts Alexa Bliss about their loss last night. Lacey says that maybe if Alexa was more lady like, they could have won. Alexa tells Lacey that she is more of a lady than Lacey will ever be. Alexa goes to walk away but Lacey turns her around and delivers a Woman’s Right to Alexa.

Bray Wyatt promo. He tells Miz that tonight he ends the fairy tale story that is Miz and Mrs, but you know, in good Bray Wyatt terms.

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9:00-9:15: AJ Styles vs Robert Roode. Roode picks up the surprisingly clean win here after he goes after the bad back of AJ throughout the match. AJ is still beat up from last night’s triple threat match. I’m giving AJ some time off and that will play out in storyline in the weeks ahead.

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9:20-9:35: War Raiders (c) vs Ryder and Hawkins for the Tag Titles. War Raiders retain here, and we say goodbye to Ryder and Hawkins at the top of the tag division.

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9:45-9:55: Miz is interviewed. Miz tells Bray Wyatt that threatening and terrorizing his family is crossing the line. And by doing that, Bray pushed Miz to where he is tonight. He will kick Bray Wyatt’s ass all over the arena. And when Miz is done with Bray, the entire Miz family will dance over his demise.

Becky Lynch comes out. She says that while she had fun beating up Mandy Rose last night, she knows she is still Becky 2 Belts and has the RAW Title to defend. Becky says she is issuing an open challenge next week to any woman on the RAW Roster for a Title match.

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10:00-10:15: Cesaro vs Braun Strowman. Cesaro gets the upset win after he rolls up Braun after he runs into the post.

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10:20-10:35: Lashley vs Drew McIntyre. Before the match Braun is shown backstage all pissed. Drew walks by him and laughs on his way to the ring. At the end of the match, Drew has the Claymore Kick lined up. Braun comes on to the stage. The distraction allows Lashley to hit a spear for the win.

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10:40-End: Rey Mysterio and Mojo are once again seen brawling backstage. Once they get broken up by officials.

Bray Wyatt vs The Miz. Bray ends up getting the win. Bray pulls out a picture of Maryse and Monroe at the end and lays it next to Miz. It says “No One Is Safe” on the top of it as the show ends.

WWE Smackdown Live 6.25.19

8:00-8:10: Mandy Rose comes out. Mandy makes up some excuses about not winning at Stomping Grounds. Mandy demands a rematch right now. But instead of Becky, out comes Sonya Deville. Mandy is terrified as Sonya charges the ring. Charlotte tries to come out and help but Ember Moon takes out Charlotte. Sonya is held back by officials as Mandy runs off.

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8:15-8:30: Andrade vs Matt Hardy with Andrade picking up the win to move on in the KOTR.

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8:35-8:55: Bayley and Carmella are seen talking backstage. Carmella feels like she let Bayley down at Stomping Grounds. Bayley tells Carmella that she didn’t, and they will be back on top again soon.

Finn Balor vs Elias with Finn picking up the win to move on.

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9:00-9:10: Kofi Kingston promo. Kofi talks about how good it felt to finally defeat Randy Orton and take his spot as the top guy in the WWE. Out comes Daniel Bryan. Bryan tells Kofi that he can claim to be the top guy all he wants. But Bryan never got his official rematch for the WWE Title.

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9:15-9:35: Xaiver Woods vs Nakamura. Nakamura picks up the win to move on in the KOTR.

Randy Orton interview. Orton says Kofi can say whatever he wants, but he is going to get his Title match when he wins the King of the Ring tournament. And he starts tonight by beating that nobody he is fighting. Orton even asks Kayla what his name is because he forgot.

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9:40-End: Ali vs Randy Orton with Ali picking up the upset win. That promo set this up with Ali feeling disrespected.

On to next week!

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