WWE NXT 6.26.19

The show starts with a recap/hype video for the Shayna Baszler/Io Shirai cage match. Imagine that, a match with a few weeks build for your weekly TV show and making it feel like a big deal.

NXT Breakout Tournament: Joaquin Wilde vs Angel Garza

Wilde is formerly DJZ. Garza is Garza Jr. So you know the second Vince saw that Junior in his name he had to have it changed. Both men exchange quick offensive flurries early to the applause of the crowd. Garza hits a tilt-a-whirl flapjack then a kick to the gut, then rips off his pants stripper style to get down to his trunks. Garza keeps going for lazy covers after each move. Wilde reverses a straight jacket submission to one of his own. Garza goes to the outside then Wilde dives through the top and middle rope from the apron. Wilde goes to the top but Garza meets him with an enziguri. Garza then hits a top rope Spanish fly for two. Garza then sets up a double under hook and pulls Wilde up then atomic drops him on the mat for the win.

WINNER: Angel Garza: The crowd was into their match so they had that working. Nice little five minute match.

Kushida hype video, followed by Damian Priest says his name will live forever. So I guess he’s taking over for Hulkamania.

Street Profits vs Forgotten Sons

This is non-Title. Or not. The Street Profits offer to make it a Title match and the announcers wonder if it is an actual Title match now. Montez Ford gets worked over early on. Blake keeps yelling at Ford that those are their Tag Titles. It looks really dumb. Angelo Dawkins gets the hot tag and goes to work. Dawkins hits a couple of spinning splashes in the corner and Ford follows it up with a frog splash. But Jaxson Ryker pulls out Ford and it causes a DQ. The Forgotten Sons work over Dawkins until Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch come out for the save. Lorcan and Burch then look over the Titles before finally handing them back to the Street Profits. Burch tells the Profits they owe them.

WINNERS via DQ: Street Profits: Pretty much used just to set up an angle and future challengers.

Nykos Rikos vs Keith Lee

Rikos tries putting down Lee’s arms early on but it doesn’t work. Lee shoulder tackles Rikos into the ropes. Lee hits the Limit Breaker for the win.

WINNER: Keith Lee

Steel Cage Match for the NXT Women’s Championship: Shayna Baszler (c) vs Io Shirai

Shayna takes Io down to the mat early on. Shirai hits a nice palm strike and tries escaping, but Shayna pulls Io down and throws her into the cage. Shayna does that a couple of times before going back and forth between submissions and strikes. Io finally moves out of the way of Shayna and tosses Shayna into the cage and dropkicks her into it a couple times. Io follows it up with a couple of German suplexes and double knees in the corner. Io climbs to the top of the cage but Shayna meets her. Shayna knocks Io off, but Io runs right back up and hits a German suplex.

Io crawls to the door but Duke and Shafir come out and stop her. Io kicks the door into them and also knocks out the outside ref. Shafir locks the door. Io climbs up but is met by Shafir. Candice LeRae comes out for the save. Candice climbs up and takes out Shafir with a crossbody from the top of the cage. Io follows it up with a moonsault off the top onto Shayna. Both women start crawling to the cage door that is now open. Io Germans Shayna and almost gets out, but Shayna applies the Kirifuda Clutch in the ropes. Io starts slamming the door into Shayna’s head, but it causes Shayna to release the hold and fall to the outside for the win.

WINNER and STILL NXT Women’s Champion: Shayna Baszler: I thought the last half of the match was good. I’m not the biggest fan of interference in cage matches, but cage matches aren’t a novelty like they used to be.

Candice LeRae tries consoling Io after the match but Io attacks her. Io goes to get a chair and lays out Candice with the chair. Io then suplexes Candice onto the open chair as the crowd boos on and Io smiles and says she doesn’t need friends. Look at that, a secondary feud with meaning in the women’s division. (Assuming Shayna moves on to a new challenger.)

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