WWE RAW 6.24.19: Five Thoughts w/Justin C

Justin C here, filling in for Mick this week. Lets get to work!

1. RAW Is Holding Patterns

The opening segment showed that the WWE is just holding out until SummerSlam at this point. Both Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans lost clean yet again last night. But it doesn’t matter, they get one more Title shot at Extreme Rules. Why? Because we only have three weeks until Extreme Rules and the WWE has not built anyone up to challenge Rollins or Lynch. Not only that, but both Titles are on the in a tag team match. That is WCW level shit right there. I don’t like that the Rollins and Lynch relationship is being forced on TV. They don’t seem all that comfortable out there together. They probably want privacy in their relationship but nope. Hopefully this is just a temporary thing and they go back their separate ways after Extreme Rules.

2. R-Truth Knows His Role

There have been times where I was on the R-Truth bandwagon. I liked him during his Little Jimmy stuff against John Cena. I also liked his team with The Miz, especially when they locked the Cell shut and beat down John Cena, CM Punk and Alberto del Rio. But the majority of Truth’s career in the WWE has been forgettable. But R-Truth’s 2019 continues to be good. He had a good run of matches with the United States Title in earlier 2019. And now he is hilarious with the 24/7 Title. I still think the 24/7 Title needs something to make it more meaningful, like the winner getting a Title shot if they hold at the end of the month, but Truth is making all of this stuff mildly entertaining and I have to give him credit for that. He’s the perfect guy for this role.

3. Got To Get That Saudi Arabia Stink Off Him

As far as getting surprises on RAW nowadays, seeing The Undertaker come back tonight was definitely one. There was no talk whatsoever of an Undertaker return. But he came back to help Roman Reigns fend off Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre. Now part of me thinks that the only reason Taker came back is to get that Saudi Arabia stink off of him. My guess is we are getting Reigns/Taker vs Shane/Drew at Extreme Rules. A tag team match, especially if it is a No DQ one, will hide all of Undertaker’s current liabilities in the ring. I would like an explanation as to why Taker came back to help Roman at some point. But for now this was a cool moment that you don’t see too often nowadays on RAW.

4. What Is The Point Of Smackdown Anymore?

All of the top male stars from Smackdown Live appeared on RAW tonight: Kofi Kingston, Kevin Owens, the rest of New Day, and Daniel Bryan. Smackdown has one again become home to the secondary stories on WWE TV. And guess what? That needs to change with the show going to FOX in October. If I was a FOX executive, I would not be happy that my show is being treated as an afterthought leading into the fall. What the WWE should be doing is building up the brand in the months ahead to get people to want to tune in when the show switches to Friday. But that would require the WWE to look more than a few weeks ahead with their TV shows and we all know how impossible that is. As I said when the Wild Card rule started, it is a temporary band aid that doesn’t fix the actual problem in the WWE.

5. Ricochet Gets 50/50 Booking

Last night Ricochet beat Samoa Joe to win the United States Championship. I thought it might mean we finally get a rocket strapped to Ricochet. But then he lost to AJ Styles in a non Title match in the main event of RAW tonight. I have mixed feelings about this. I get it is to set up a US Title Match. But I would have rather seen Ricochet win here and have it eat at Styles that he couldn’t beat him. Then have Ricochet give Styles a Title match to compensate him and still beat Styles. You could set up a Styles heel turn with The Club. It would have been much better than having Styles beat Ricochet clean even if it was a competitive match.

Other Thoughts

-You know, after watching that 365 last night, I’d really like to see Alexa Bliss actually turn face here and stick with Nikki Cross. You wouldn’t even have to tweak her character too much.

-I hate the Wild Card Rule, but I’m here for a Samoa Joe vs Kofi Kingston program.

-The WWE needs to figure out this no action during the commercial break thing. Shorter matches aren’t the answer.

-Outside of a random background witch, there was no Bray Wyatt on this show. And that appeared when Miz was backstage. WWE out here trying to steal my ideas.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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