WWE Stomping Grounds 6.23.19: Five Thoughts w/Justin C

1. Maybe They Will Finally Get Behind Ricochet?

I wasn’t that surprised that Ricochet won the United States Championship tonight. Samoa Joe only got the Title back because Rey Mysterio was injured. And I’m sure they had a long term angle planned with Rey, Joe, and Rey’s son Dominic. But that all is scrapped for now. So I think the WWE did the right thing by putting the U.S. Title on Ricochet. As long as they give him a long run. They can’t play hot potato with the U.S. Title and have Ricochet drop it back to Joe in a few weeks. If it was me, I’d have Ricochet hold the Title for the rest of the year. Build up a winning streak and maybe come Royal Rumble time, Ricochet could be a threat to win it. The crowd is getting more and more behind Ricochet each week. They love his move set. Now give the man some promo time and a win streak and maybe you finally have a new star on your hands.

2. A Bad Night For The Women

Both women’s matches were let downs tonight. If you know me, you know that I am a Lacey Evans defender. But tonight exposed her quite a bit. Her timing was off on a lot of moves and she was out of place a bit. If it wasn’t for the crowd being fully behind Becky that match would have been a drag. Lacey needs a couple of months in the midcard to work on her wrestling. As for Alexa Bliss and Bayley, they just don’t have great chemistry. Sometimes workers just don’t click. Bayley and Alexa may be two of those people. After their promo from this past Tuesday, these two should have been having a brawl. But instead they had a wrestling match that completely cooled off the crowd. Of course, they followed hometown boy Daniel Bryan which didn’t help matters either. But I don’t need to see another Bayley/Alexa Bliss match anytime soon.

3. This Isn’t The End for Roman Reigns and Shane McMahon

I know the announcers proclaimed this the end of the feud with Roman Reigns beating Drew McIntyre. But that won’t be the case. First off, there is an advertisement for Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon at Extreme Rules next month. Second, Roman Reigns has to get his win back over Shane. It pains me to say that but it has to happen. You can’t let Shane not get pinned in this feud. It should end at Extreme Rules, but I have a bad feeling that it will continue until SummerSlam. The match was better than I expected. It still sucks that Drew McIntyre has fallen off so much.

4. Can Cage Matches Go Away?

Dolph vs Kofi Kingston was fine. Kofi jumping over Dolph through the ropes to win the match was definitely a unique finish. But the cage otherwise was pretty much a non factor in the match. In today’s WWE, cage matches seem completely pointless. They all follow the same script. Everyone gets thrown into the cage. Everyone climbs up it and gets knocked down to the mat. There is nothing new to any cage match from the last five years. If you aren’t going to add blood to the matches then cage matches should be done away with. They don’t add anything to a feud, especially when we get interference in most of these matches nowadays anyways. Also, this should be the end of the Dolph/Kofi feud.

5. Because Why Not Overbook Your Main Event?

You know, this event was actually trending in the right direction. Then the WWE decided to go ahead and do what they do best: overbook the shit out of their main event. Corbin made Lacey Evans the special referee and the crowd immediately hated it. They shit all over the match when Corbin was on offense. Maybe the WWE finally realizes that Corbin has go away heat with the audience. This whole thing went on for way too long until Becky came out to help out Seth and take out Lacey. I pray this doesn’t lead to another Rollins/Corbin match at Extreme Rules but I think Bad News Barrett would tell me otherwise.

Bouns Thought: The three matches I didn’t mention might have been the best matches on the show. The Cruiserweight Triple Threat was fun. The Smackdown Tag Title match was a great showing from Heavy Machinery. And KO/Sami vs New Day might have been the match of the night.

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Justin C

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