NXT UK 19.06.19

This week we’re coming live from Download Festival. Will the metal heavy (& heavy metal) atmosphere up the ante? Only one way to find out…

Kenny Williams Vs Kassius Ohno

Pure speed Vs strength match to kick off the show, & Ohno is all over Williams. Some brutal chops to the chest left Williams Red raw, and despite some momentum by Williams (utilising his speed) he just couldnt use it to his advantage. The big man gets the win.

The Hunt Vs Gallus

Say what you want about The Hunt, but any team that is willing (& wanting) to get into the ring with Gallus is worthy of a little respect. Especially when they go out all guns blazing. They started well (so much so that Gallus were a little shook & took off guard at the start of this match) but the Scots soon regained focus, and when they did…the beat down began. It was a noble effort by The Hunt but they just couldn’t overcome the sheer force that is Gallus.

First ever NXT UK Women’s Battle Royal

This one was hard to keep track of (mainly because it was so engrossing) so I shall just give you the highlights;

Jazzy Gabert eliminates 2 (should have been 3, but Jinny wanted a little glory) and looked to be the one to watch, but she ended up being eliminated by (of all people ) Xia Brookside! (when you see the size difference you can appreciate how that’s such a feat) she also eliminated Jinny too.

– At one point Rhea Ripley hangs Brookside upside down (literally) to focus on Niven. The two Goliath’s face off (on the edge of the ring) & Brookside manages to un-hang herself & take both women out!

– We then remember that Kay Lee Ray wasn’t actually eliminated (she was thrown through the middle of the ropes) and she pounces on Brookside (the last remaining competitor) & throws her out for the win.


During this event, it came to light (on Twitter) that Adrian ‘Lionheart’ McCallum had passed away. He was the ICW champion (amongst many other things) and a true British wrestling great. If it wasn’t for seeing him & Zack Gibson, I wouldn’t be as involved with the British scene as much as I am. He will be greatly missed.