NXT UK 6.12.19

Xia Brookside & Isla Dawn Vs Jinny Jazzy Gabert

Isla Dawn started things off very focused & controlled, but that soon changed when Gabert was tagged in and pretty much destroyed (the now tagged in) Brookside (picking her up & throwing her around like a ragdoll!) The domination continued until the (very sly) Jinny tagged in to get the pinfall.

Joseph Conners Vs Dragunov

Regardless of what you think of Conners, you have to give him credit. It was he who called for the match and he went in there fearless. He’s an underrated member of the roster in my book, and gave Dragunov quite the fight. Despite this, he just couldn’t over come the intensity and brutality. Dragunov is 2-0 on his NXT UK career.

British Strong Style Vs Imperium (Six Man Tag)

As expected, this was a pure brawl. All 6 men have a perfect balance of power & technical prowess. It’s about as evenly matched as they come. Seven is a machine but he just couldn’t make dent in Walter (despite some BRUTAL slaps to the chest) it was almost like the beating Seven dished out FULLED Walter and Imperium. It was intense! That was, until Dunne got in. It was like Dunne V Walter 3. The Brusierweight was out to kill, but once again the champ (who is so for a reason) kept him at bay & gave it back just as good. The match got a well deserved chant of ‘This is Awesome’. We just could not keep up. Constant action from all 6 men, from start to finish. If there was a MOTM it would have to go to Tyler Bate, he gave it his all and carried British Strong Style on his shoulders…but he just couldn’t finish the job, and that was purely down to the interference of Alexander Wolfe. Imperium get the win, and a brand new 4th member.