WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses 6.11.19 w/ The Chairman

HIT: Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville Making the Most of Their Time

Once upon a time ago, it was well known that the creative teams in the E can’t give women storylines outside of championships. However we’re getting some good stuff right now out of Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose. From bullying Ember Moon backstage for her hobbies, though I’m disgusted they knocked her Nintendo Switch to the floor. Then there’s the continued feud with Carmella. Mella did her best in a match against Sonya Deville, but the odds were against her with Mandy Rose on the outside which proved to be the difference maker in this one. The feud isn’t over and this is a good thing in an era where on the men and women’s side where there’s barely any storylines that matter.


MISS: The Worst in the World Gauntlet

Smackdown starts off with more of the worst in the world Shane McMahon and his lackeys Elias and the Scottish Psychopath. They were on Miz TV and basically going back and forth on each other. Shane then proposed if Miz could beat Elias and then Drew McIntyre after, he could face Shane. After fifteen minutes of blabbering, we finally get some in ring action. Miz makes quick work of Elias, but couldn’t beat McIntyre. Miz was distracted by his nemesis Shane which proved costly with a Glasgow Kiss followed by a Claymore. Shane then decided to have his match with Miz after all and made Miz tap out. This terrible storyline continues on and the majority of wrestling fans have had it.


HIT: Nikki Cross Finally Getting Utilized

Alot of superstars have been lost in the shuffle since the Wild Card era started, but Nikki Cross it appears is finally involved in a storyline. Sure parts of it is cringe such as coming to the ring to the theme of Alexa Bliss, but it’s great to see Nikki in the ring and working a match with Smackdown Live Women’s Champion Bayley. Bliss of course using her manipulative ways convincing Cross that Bayley agreed with people on social media making fun of her. It’s no secret Alexa is using Nikki to soften up Bayley before Alexa gets her title shot at Stomping Grounds. This is at least a better Alexa Bayley feud than the This is Your Life Bayley segment.


MISS: Cardboard Belt Champions

The Smackdown Live Tag Team division as we all know is in a sad state. Daniel Bryan and Rowan are the placeholders and are stuck feuding with Heavy Machinery because there is literally nobody else. Bryan and Rowan were going to wrestle two local jobbers with cardboard belts from Yolo? This of course prompted Heavy Machinery to come out and Bryan and Rowan instead let Heavy Machinery squash the local jobbers. Let me get this straight. You have countless amounts of wrestlers not getting television time because of the stupid Wild Card rule and the E is bringing in Just Joe and Average Joe off the street to take up match time? I guess at least the Smackdown Live Tag Team Champions were in a segment where once again we have another show where the Intercontinental Champion Finn Balor is absent and we all thought Finn Balor going to Smackdown would be a good thing…….


HIT: Andrade Gets a New Feud?

Even though Andrade didn’t win the Intercontinental Championship, it looks like his brutal attack on Apollo Crews might be leading to something. Apollo was interviewed tonight about what happened, but Zelina Vega interrupted saying if Apollo wants to get in the ring with Andrade, it’d be the last time he ever would. Apollo is a great in ring talent and if he actually got properly utilized, he could do great things. Everyone is on the Andrade bandwagon and rightfully so. I have been since NXT when he debuted. I think these two could do great things if given a proper spot to showcase their talents.


MISS: Placement of New Day Segments

While it’s awesome to see Big E back from injury, the way the show was setup was rather odd. At the start of the second hour, New Day came to the ring where they celebrated once again Big E’s return. Of course this led to more Dolph Ziggler and his same repetitive promo and using the excuse of how it was Xavier that helped Kofi win last Friday. Thankfully we had Sami Zayn cut a great promo saying if he helped Kevin Owens beat Kofi Kingston at Money in the Bank, then everyone would demand justice. It’s a damn shame Zayn hasn’t held gold yet since leaving NXT and getting made look foolish not one, but two nights in a row. The weird part is the six man tag team match between these teams takes place in the main event. Why wouldn’t you just have this trash talking segment take place before their match opposed to bringing them back out again? Definitely odd. As for the match, it was nothing special. Kofi ends up finishing off Zayn and the show ends quickly.


Overall Smackdown Live was nothing special. A show that definitely could be skipped if you didn’t see it tonight. Guess we’ll continue on the path towards Stomping Grounds where there are more rematches than I could count. That concludes my review for this week. Let me know on Twitter @ChairmanSV whether or not you enjoyed Smackdown Live or not and thanks for reading.