WWE Super Showdown: Yes ALL Of This Stuff Actually Happened

First let me start with this: I didn’t watch the show. I was at work until 3:30 and didn’t get home until 4:15. Then I immediately went to the gym. But I read everything that happened on Twitter. And I think I can give some pretty well informed snarky opinions on the results of the show.

Shane McMahon defeated Roman Reigns. No, you aren’t on drugs.

This actually happened. I don’t care how it went down. Think about this. A couple years ago the joke started to become LOLRomanWins. Roman always went over. But not today. Shane Fucking McMahon went over. The same Shane McMahon who is gassed just walking to the ring. The same Shane McMahon who throws the worst punches in all of professional wrestling. He just beat the only semi-viable star that the WWE has. This of course means that we are going to get even more of Shane McMahon on BOTH shows in the coming weeks. Why make new stars when we can have Shane McMahon waste time on both shows cutting awful promos? I have no clue who thinks this program is working. It is getting “this is awful” chants weekly.

Fool Me Four Times, and Well, If You Are Still Falling For This You’re An Idiot

Once again the WWE told us that Brock Lesnar would be cashing in his Money in the Bank contract at a specific date. After leading us to believe it would be done this past week on RAW, Lesnar didn’t cash in. So Lesnar said Friday. And it didn’t happen again. Lesnar came down to cash in on Brock and Rollins took him out before the cash in. So that is four times the WWE promised this and failed to deliver. At this point, if people keep tuning in for this you’re dumb. Not only that, but they are making Brock Lesnar look like a complete idiot as well by not cashing in this past Monday on RAW. But of course this is their only way to get any ratings because the WWE “creative team” can’t think of anything else.

Goldberg and The Undertaker Think They’re Naito and Ibushi

Actually, they are just really old. I saw the clips of both men practically breaking their necks during this match. Goldberg couldn’t get Undertaker properly up for the Jackhammer and almost broke his neck. Undertaker couldn’t get Goldberg fully up for a Tombstone and almost dropped him on his head. Then they screwed up the ending sequence and had to end the match with an awful looking chokeslam. I really hope the blood money these two got for working this show was worth it. Goldberg said he was knocked silly during the match. Maybe you shouldn’t bash your head against the door before the match.

Vince McMahon’s Grapefruits Are In The Hands Of The Saudi Government

So let me get this straight. The WWE brought over Alexa Bliss and Natalya to Saudi Arabia. They were hoping to get a woman’s match approved by the Saudi government. And it didn’t happen. Think about that. Vince McMahon had to get approval from THE SAUDI FUCKING GOVERNMENT to have a women’s match on their show. At this point the WWE should be ashamed they are over there. They could have potentially put Alexa and Natty’s well being at risk for being there. At least we won’t have to listen to Stephanie McMahon praising this match as some sort of progressive movement in an oppressive country. There is a reason I am writing a snarky review about this show without watching it.

That’s all I got for tonight. Time to get ready for NJPW Dominion this Sunday.

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