NXT UK 06.05.19

‘The Hunt’ Vs Saxon Huxley & T-Bone

The gimmick of The Hunt is that they are these feral, ape like neanderthals…and boy do they play it well. Grunting, unorthodox (to the point of holding the tag rope with their mouths) and aggressive animalistic wrestling. As good as T-Bone & Huxley are (in the sense of being more technical fighters) The Hunt (at least tonight) were much better! Full on from the get go, finishing off Huxley with a double diving headbutt! The celebration didn’t last long though, as Gallus came out to destroy the victors, sending a message to the rest of the locker room that they mean business.

Kay Lee Ray Vs Kasey Owens

Kay Lee Ray may be petite in stature, but don’t let that fool you. Some of the shots she gave to Owens were BRUTAL AF. Such force. Owens tried giving it back as good as she got, but she was simply no match. Ray is focused, determined and hit every move with pure precision. Widow’s peak for the win.

Fatal 4-Way #1 Contender; Joe Coffey Vs Dave Mastiff Vs Jordan Devlin Vs Travis Banks

All 4 men were outside of the ring within minutes of the bell ringing. It was the perfect set up too. Banks brought the speed while Coffey & Mastiff brought the power. It’s worth pointing out that Mastiff has not lost a single match during his time in NXT UK, & Coffey was out to show us that he was the man to end the streak. In fact, Coffey was the dominant force throughout tonight (spinning Banks AND Devlin around at the same time at one point!) As much as it pains me to say it, Devlin did have a good run (his moonsault that broke up the 3 count was pretty bad ass to be fair) but he was never going to be able to compete against Mastiff and Coffey. He was also too arrogant to strategize…Banks however, was not. The Kiwi Buzzsaw waited for Mastiff and Coffey to be out of the picture and struck Devlin out of nowhere. Amazingly, Travis Banks WINS! Insane.