WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses 6.4.19 w/ The Chairman

HIT: Bayley Has a Opponent at Stomping Grounds Not Named Charlotte

Alexa Bliss was one of how many Raw superstars that invaded Smackdown Live with her Moment of Bliss talk show segment. She was in wrestling gear which was odd interviewing Bayley. Of course the segment didn’t get anywhere being the two rivals had quite the feud. After Bayley smacked Alexa’s coffee out of her hand, Alexa pretty much said Bayley didn’t deserve to be the champion. Carmella then came out, followed by Charlotte of course all chiming in for a title shot. Charlotte brought the news from Shane that Carmella, Alexa, and herself would compete in a number one contender match to face Bayley at Stomping Grounds. The match was decent as all three women looked decent. One moment that stood out was Charlotte having Carmella in the Figure Eight and Alexa Bliss hit Twisted Bliss off the top onto Charlotte. Carmella was closing in on the victory, but Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville at ringside made sure that didn’t happen. The three women went back and forth, but in the end it was Alexa Bliss pinning Carmella punching her ticket to Stomping Grounds.


MISS: Raw Superstar Steals Title Shot From Smackdown Live Women

The Smackdown Live women’s roster has been stockpiled after the shakeup. Of course with wild card rules now in play, call the brand split dead. You have Ember Moon, Sonya Deville, etc while Raw is bare bones and they bring Raw’s Alexa Bliss over for the title shot. As great as it is to see Alexa Bliss in the ring again, couldn’t see have feuded with Becky Lynch on Raw instead? I guess the one positive is that Charlotte Flair didn’t get another title shot. Then again if Bliss for some reason can’t do the much, you know Charlotte’s getting inserted into it.


MISS: Lars Should Never Speak

Lars Sullivan is taking on all three members of Lucha House Party at show that should not be spoken. Needless to say nobody cares about the match and nobody cares about Lars. He was going on about animals and nursery rhymes. The crowd pretty much crapped all over the promo and Lars and we can only hope whoever is deciding to push him change their mind. Sadly the monster push has a few more months to go before top babyface puts him down and sends him back to obscurity.


MISS: More Shane Nonsense

Once again Shane McMahon is provoking Roman Reigns and baits him to the ring. Shane now has the Revival for some reason following along with him and just as Roman Reigns heads to the ring, Drew McIntyre smokes Reigns with a Claymore Kick opening up the attack. Shane then of course spears Roman and starts mocking Roman’s signature roar. It was another terrible segment and the sooner Shane goes away, the better the WWE might be.


MISS: Intercontinental Title Disrespected

A great feud between Finn Balor and Andrade is on the table, but they barely got a minute to tell their story tonight on another episode of Smackdown Live filled with questionable segments. This should be one of the WWE’s focal points right now between two of the best in WWE. The worst part is the epic match is taking place at the show that shall not be named so quite a few people won’t see it because they’re not watching it for their own personal reasons. However Vince’s new toy the 24/7 is getting multiple segments again which is going to get stale real quick if it hasn’t already.


MISS: WWE Can’t Build Towards the Future

They brought back Goldberg to hype up the show that shall not be named for his match against Undertaker. It’s pretty sad that the WWE is constantly going back to the well and bringing in all these wrestlers that are way past their prime. They have the best roster in the world right now of current stars, but for some reason they can’t look to the future. You didn’t see them bringing in all the stars of the 80’s during the rise of Stone Cold and The Rock, of course that’s because most of them were in WCW. Point is they need to trust their talent of today and create new stars, especially now, or they are at risk of losing them. They already lost one to AEW, how many more will follow?


Needless to say this Smackdown Live barely featured any wrestling and are more worried about hyping up their show that shall not be named this Friday. Raw and Smackdown have been struggling mightly post Wrestlemania and there’s only one person to blame. Until this wild card rule is done away with and Shane McMahon goes behind the scenes again, don’t expect things to get better. Expect more of the same. With that follow @ChairmanSV and thanks for reading. Did you enjoy this episode of Smackdown Live? Let me know if you liked it or hated it.