NXT Takeover XXV Results and Thoughts

Matt Riddle defeated Roderick Strong

Surprisingly it isn’t Roderick Strong’s shitty wrestling boots distracting me in this match. It is actually his awful tan. This was just a solid pro wrestling match. Two guys going out there and doing the damn thing. Riddle used the GTS as a setup move into a German suplex and still only got two. At one point Strong hit a running step up knee then three straight forearms and a hard faceplant and still only got two. Riddle came right back with a v-trigger then powerbomb into another knee for two. Strong then caught Riddle with knees as Riddle went for a moonsault. Riddle ended up going for a boston crab but Riddle countered into a bro-mission. He then hit his finisher for the win. That was a really great match. I’d go as far as saying it was better than anything on Double or Nothing.

The Street Profits win the NXT Tag Titles in a Ladder Match

Angelo Dawkins hit the first big move of the match diving onto everyone. At one point Kyle O’Reilly got knocked off the ladder and landed hard on it back first. Burch and Lorcan hit tandem German suplexes on the Forgotten Sons with a ladder on their heads. Cutler got flapjacked face first on the ladder. I guess these guys just want to kill themselves tonight. Bobby Fish climbed the ladder at one point, then Wesley Blake powerbombed O’Reilly into the ladder and Fish landed hard on O’Reilly. I guess Kyle O’Reilly’s goal is to die tonight.

The Forgotten Sons start climbing the ladder, which no one wants. So they get double doomsday deviced. I think it looked like Blake almost landed on his neck. Jaxson Ryker comes out and lays out a bunch of people. I guess they had to make him look strong or something. At one point it looks like Oney Lorcan might get him but he gets back body dropped into the ladder. The Undisputed Era eventually get the best of him and knock him to the outside. Montez Ford goes to hit a running swanton to the outside over a ladder, and he nails it, but Ryker is way too far back to catch him and Ford lands full force on the floor. Burch and Lorcan get their chance to shine. But they are met climbing the ladder by Undisputed Era. The Forgotten Sons knock both of them off. They climb the ladder, but Dawkins spears Cutler and Ford springboards onto the ladder and knocks Blake off to grab the titles and win. Everyone in this match at various times tried to kill themselves.

Velveteen Dream defeats Tyler Breeze to retain the NXT North American Championship

The crowd was into it early then died down a bit. Dream tried to get them back into it by landing a nice superkick on the outside then slamming Breeze’s face multiple times into the announce table. Dream took a selfie with Breeze’s phone but Dream ended up eating a superkick from Breeze. Breeze keeps trying to fight back in the ring but every time Dream comes back. Dream faked a springboard at one point to get Breeze to go for a dropkick. Dream then hit the Unprettier on Breeze for two. Breeze got his knees up with Dream going for the elbow. Breeze then hit a super kick and Unprettier for two. Breeze hits a Beauty Shot but Dream ends up rolling outside the ring. Breeze gets the ref to stop counting. Dream tries to hit Breeze with the belt but Breeze blocks it. But this gives Dream time to hit the Dream Valley Driver and Purple Rainmaker Elbow for the win. Okay match. It was in a tough spot here but they did fine.

Shayna Baszler defeats Io Shirai to retain the NXT Women’s Championship

Shayna wastes no time working over the left arm of Io. Shayna works it over for about five minutes until Io moves out of the way of a Shayna knee. Io hits a 619 and then a springboard clothesline. Shayna tries putting Io in an armbar from the top but Io hits a springboard dropkick knocking Shayna off and she follows it up with a moonsault to the outside. Io hits a missile dropkick. Out come Shayna’s friends but Candice LaRae takes them out. Io goes for the moonsault but Shayna counters into her Rear Naked Choke. Io escapes and after a couple of near falls Shayna locks it back in and Io taps out. I guess Shayna is never losing that Title huh? I picked against her again and it backfired. Io snaps after the match and attacks Shayna with a kendo stick and a moonsault with a chair.

Adam Cole defeats Johnny Gargano to win the NXT Championship

Lots of reversals and counters to start the match. As if these guys studied each other to know what was coming. Gargano kicks the arm of Cole then double stomps it on the apron. Cole is able to come back and get the better of Gargano in the ring and takes control. He starts working over the knee of Gargano. Cole goes to the top but Gargano powerbombs him. Gargano starts his comeback and hits a nice tornado flatliner for two. They go to the top where Cole attempts a sunset flip bomb but Gargano knocks him away. Gargano goes for a back elbow but Cole counters with a backstabber.

Both men exchange superkicks at one point. Gargano gets the better of Cole, catching him with a superkick from the top. They then hit double superkicks on the outside. Gargano then hits the slingshot DDT and a double stomp to the back of the head. Cole rolls to the outside and then catches Gargano with a kick to the head. Cole goes to the top where Gargano throws him off literally shoulder first. Gargano applies the Gargano Escape but Cole counters into a Figure Four. Cole takes off the knee brace of Gargano and starts working over the exposed knee. Cole goes to the apron but Gargano hits him with a DDT. He goes for a dive but Cole catches him with a superkick. Cole then goes to the apron and hits a Mexican destroyer for two. Cole goes for the Last Shot but Gargano ducks. Cole applies the Gargano Escape but Gargano gets out of it and hits the Last Shot for two.

Holy shit this next sequence. We got punches, superkicks, exchange after exchange. Gargano hits a reverse-ranna but Cole bounces off the ropes and hits the Last Shot for two. Cole goes to grab a chair but the ref stops him. Gargano goes for a dive but Cole pulls the ref in front of him to take the dive. Gargano superkicks the chair into Cole and goes for the pin in the ring but the ref is out. Cole calls for help, but no one comes out. Cole then hits a piledriver for two, or some variation with Gargano in the ropes.

Cole goes for the Last Shot but Gargano falls down. Gargano then locks in the Gargano Escape. Cole rolls through and lands shots to Gargano’s bad knee. Cole superkicks it then goes for the Mexican Destroyer but Gargano counters into a pinfall for two. Cole kicks the bad knee again then hits the Mexican Destroyer and the Last Shot for the win.

I think that match might have been better than their Wrestlemania match. And I was live in person for that one. And I maintain it was the best match I have ever seen live. And I have to say it: The Ciampa injury was a blessing in disguise. These two have put on two phenomenal matches that were better than any Ciampa/Gargano matches.

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