NXT UK 5.29.19

What a way to start a show! Walter, Barthel & Aichner came to lead us to a new era. They are IMPERIUM and here to stay…though British Strong Style might have a problem with that as they invaded the ring and a brawl ensued! Six man tag match in 2 weeks! Bring it on! Now on with the show.

Gallus (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) Vs Carlos Romo & A-Kid

Gallus are SO brutal. Intense and aggressive from the get go. They dominated this match up (at one point Coffey threw A-Kid around like a rag doll) there was no way these Scottish giants were going to lose, and they didn’t.

Kassius Ohno Vs Gentleman Jack Gallagher

This wasn’t a bad match up…but it did slow down the pace a little. The show had been intense and aggressive and full on up until now. This, was more technical, which is not necessarily a bad thing…it just, as stated, slowed things down for me. That was until GJG got busted open. The blood began to flow and he saw Red and produced one of THE most brutal headbutts I’ve ever heard! But, this aggression didn’t make the difference in the end. Ohno won…but it was a dubious win, given that Gallagher’s foot was way out of the ring. But the ref didn’t see it, so a win is a win.

Nina Samuels Vs Toni Storm (c) NXT UK Womens Championship

Nina Samuels is an amazing heel. Mind games, taunting and lots of cheap shots. But Storm was having none of it, giving back as good as she got it. It felt 50/50 for the most part for me. You can’t deny Samuels ability, especially when she managed to escape the submission (though it did look like she was going to tap at one point) and even survived a killer headbutt from Storm too (what is it with those tonight??) towards the back end it was Samuels (in my opinion) who was the more aggressive and in control. She made Storm look weak at times, but Storm isn’t the champ for any old reason and in the end (disappointingly) retained the titled. What a match, what a show.