WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses 5.28.19 w/ The Chairman

HIT: KO and Kofi Kickoff Smackdown

In a wrestling world where wrestling is rare and on Monday’s you have to wait almost an hour to see a match, I was shocked to see Kevin Owens and Kofi Kingston start Smackdown Live. Sure there was some brief words exchanged, but we got some wrestling. The match was watered down unfortunately by two commercial breaks, but the last few minutes of this match were amazing. Owens delivered frog splashes and sentons showing off his amazing ability. Owens however was no match for Kofi Kingston who out of nowhere delivered a Trouble in Paradise to Owens to secure another victory. Dolph Ziggler watched on from backstage as he is next in line to challenge Kofi at the show that shall not be named.


MISS: Shane McMahon Worse Than Stephanie?

Alot of people cringe when they see Stephanie McMahon, but I think we’re at the point now where Shane has surpassed her in annoyance. It’s bad enough when we had to deal with Shane on Smackdown, but now he’s bleeding into Raw overexposing himself. Meanwhile there are countless WWE superstars that aren’t getting any airtime at all. I’m going to beat this dead horse bloodier than Dustin Rhodes was at Double or Nothing because I’m absolutely annoyed with this booking. Shane is one of the major problems going in WWE right now and the worst part is he’s not going away. On top of it, he’s taking ring time away from legit trained wrestlers, he revoked the 24/7 rule after Elias won it (only to lose it back to R-Truth at the end of the show) and making terrible main event matches between Roman Reigns and R-Truth verses Drew McIntyre and Elias. Kofi is the WWE Champion, he should’ve been in the main event against KO in what was a great match. Hell I’d rather have seen Bayley vs Lacey Evans than a throw together tag match that alot of people turned off.


HIT: Lacey Evans Invades Smackdown Live to Face Bayley

Since we’re in the Wild Card era, Lacey Evans made a special guest appearance to take on Bayley in a non-title match. Evans has been a surprise since she finally started wrestling and establishing her character. The match was decent, alot better than the mess between Carmella and Mandy Rose. Charlotte Flair of course was doing commentary so she had to get involved. Bayley however was the one that took a shot at Charlotte which prompted the Queen to give chase inside the ring. This gave an opening to Evans for a rollup pin, but it was Bayley who countered into a rollup pin of her own and stole the win from Evans.


MISS: Charlotte and Lacey Part Ways

The First Lady of WWE and the Queen were buddy buddy having tea before Lacey’s match, but afterwards Lacey and Charlotte came to blows. Bayley I guess get under their skin and they blamed each other for it. I’m disappointed in this personally, I thought Charlotte and Lacey could’ve been a great duo. Sure they’re on different shows, but with the Wild Card rule does that even matter anymore? Then again, they’ll probably make amends and team up against Becky and Bayley again next week on either Raw or Smackdown.


HIT: Daniel Bryan Puts the Tag Team Division on Blast

Bryan cuts another fantastic promo dissing the fans of Oklahoma for their oil drilling causing earthquakes, fans stuffing their faces with the beautiful creatures that reside on Earth, and of course taking shots at the tag team division. Bryan even got Rowan involved with a knock knock joke referring to how bad the tag team division is. Well they’re not wrong. The tag team division is terrible after Smackdown Live literally gutted all the teams they had. It’s just unfortunate the best that were offered to Bryan and Rowan tonight were Heavy Machinery and I’m sorry, but I can’t stand Otis at all. He’s not funny and a complete ass.


MISS: 24/7 Title Getting More Airtime Than Intercontinental and Half the Roster

Not sure what’s going on with Finn Balor, probably healing after the nasty beating he took at Money in the Bank. However Smackdown Live is a sad place without him right now and all we got from Andrade tonight was a brief promo hyping up their title match at the event that shall not be named. However the 24/7 title is getting all the segments. I love what R-Truth has done, but does he really need to be all over my television on a two hour show. I don’t remember the greatest hardcore champion Crash Holly getting this much airtime back in the day. Aleister Black for some reason is begging for somebody to fight him? Buddy Murphy hasn’t been seen since being acquired to Smackdown Live. Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura have literally vanished. The list goes on. Seems the creative team is just letting all these wrestlers down right now. My take is if some of these underutilized wrestlers aren’t getting the love soon, the morale might get even worse in WWE.


With that being said, that’s my take on this week’s Smackdown Live. Follow my Twitter @ChairmanSV for the latest and stick it here with HTC Wrestling for the latest in the wrestling world.