Five Thoughts on AEW Double or Nothing

1. We Have Some Time To Work On The Production

It was a rough start for AEW from a behind the scenes perspective. And I am not talking about booking problems. The production and camera cuts had some problems throughout the show. There were multiple times where the camera cut away from a shot where the action was happening. It was really bad in the preshow battle royal as well as the women’s match. It did get better throughout the show but that is something that needs to be worked on. I liked the stage and the unique setup, something that is sorely missing from the WWE nowadays. But the work inside the truck needs to improve.

2. Cody and Dustin Over Deliver

If you listened to the HTCWrestling Podcast this week, you know that I had my doubts on this match. I was worried with both guys coming off knee surgeries that the match would struggle. Now while I didn’t have the emotional attachment to the match like they tried to sell it on, I did think that it was a very good wrestling match. Dustin’s blade job was a bit too much. I don’t know if he over did it intentionally but it was tough to watch towards the end. Of course, I haven’t seen that much blood in wrestling in quite some time. And that includes Lucha Underground. But it looks like they are going in the reverse in this story, with Cody and Dustin now teaming up at the next big show.

3. The Lucha Brothers and The Young Bucks Have The Match of the Night

For me this was the match of the night, hands down. And I don’t think my Pentagon bias has anything to do with that. Anyone that watched this match knows that it could not be topped. Pentagon’s charisma shined through to anyone that had never seen him before. Meanwhile, Fenix put on a great high flying performance. And this was probably my favorite Young Bucks match ever. To me, they cut down on their comedy BS and had a serious wrestling match with the Lucha Brothers. I was kind of surprised that the Young Bucks retained here. I expect them to lose the AAA Title to the Lucha Bros at the AAA Show next weekend. But this match beats out Cody/Dustin for the match of the night.

4. Omega and Jericho Struggle

Kenny Omega is still one of the best wrestlers in the world. And Chris Jericho is one of the best in ring performers of all time. But these two just didn’t click in this match. With their match at Wrestle Kingdom, they were able to use the No DQ stipulation to their advantage and didn’t have to do as much in the ring. That wasn’t the case in this match. Jericho can’t really have standout basic wrestling matches anymore. He needs that No DQ like stipulation to hide that. This match wasn’t an absolute stinker by any means. But I wouldn’t put it anywhere past 4 stars if you want to use a star rating system. I think it also struggled from crowd fatigue as the crowd seemed a bit worn out by this point in the show. While I picked Jericho winning, I was still surprised it happened.

5. Jon Moxley Come On Down

Everyone was waiting for the big surprise on this show to happen. And of course AEW saved it to the very end. Jon Moxley came down from the crowd and the place went nuts. Moxley took out Jericho and the referee before turning his attention to Kenny Omega. They brawled up the stage where Moxley DDT’d Omega on the poker chip setup then tossed him off. I’m kind of surprised they are going right to Moxley/Omega. I would assume this match takes place at All Out Labor Day weekend. Omega already has matches lined up for the next two shows. And I don’t think you have Moxley’s first match on one of the next two shows as they are not as big as this one or All Out. But this definitely had the wrestling world buzzing at the end of the show.

Random Thoughts

-MJF is going to get over with his act in this company. I think he has the potential to be a top heel in a year from now given his strong mic work.

-I know it was meant for comedy, but the Battle Royal was a bit too much comedy for me.

-Both women’s matches were very good. Britt Baker impressed me as I wasn’t that high on her going into the match. And I think Kylie Rae will get over in AEW.

-I didn’t get Cody’s shot at Triple H considering I always thought Triple H supported him and the Rhodes Family more than Vince did.

OVERALL: After the preshow, this was a very good start to AEW. The wrestling delivered and the ending had the wrestling world talking. Of course, now they have to top that with All Out and their TV debut. But if this show didn’t wake up the WWE, I don’t know what will.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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