NXT UK 5.22.19

Travis Banks Vs Joseph Conners (Fatal 4-Way Qualifier)

This was a pretty slow paced, by the books kind of match up. Took a while for the crowd to get behind them, and even then it was mainly for Banks. Conners picked up the pace towards the end with a very aggressive attack, but it was, in the end, Banks with the win after a Kiwi Crusher out of nowhere.

Mark Andrews Vs Noam Dar

From one extreme to another! This was fast paced, action packed and had lots of crowed participation. Plenty of high spots and brutal shots, and a finish that caught me completley off guard. Dar faked a knee injury VERY convincingly. So much so Andrews shook his hand (as a sign of apology and as good sportsmanship) …and as soon as his back was turned, Dar popped up, hit Andrews while he wasn’t looking, and finished him off for the win. Very sneaky indeed. Heel turn for Dar?

Dunne Vs Walter (NXT UK Championship)

This was, as expected, a very methodical start by both competitors. Neither had an advantage as such until Dunne began damage on Walters right knee, but even then the champ hit back hard (literally) with some killer chops to the chest and boots to the face. Lord knows how, but the Bruiserweight was able to knock Walter down with one clean forearm shot! Damn impressive stuff that lead to a barrage of attacks from the former champ, but still not enough to get a win. No matter what Walter threw at him Dunne kept on giving it his all…but Walter is something else. More machine than man, and he just wouldn’t quit (he’s not the champ for any old reason) but, as good as this fight was…it ended very poor with Walter getting the win thanks to some interference from Dieter and Aichner. A clean win is always preferred, but it will be interesting to see where this takes us.