WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses 4.21.19 w/ The Chairman

HIT: Andrade and Ali Not Holding Back

Two men that would’ve been a better choice for the Money in the Bank briefcase than the decision Vince made met once again in a really good match to kickoff Smackdown Live. Andrade and Ali went all out and it’s crazy to think these two were involved in a brutal ladder match just two nights ago. Andrade showed his vicious side as he tried to put away Ali, but Ali’s heart kept him going. Ali managed to steal a victory from Andrade and this doesn’t bode well for Andrade with a Intercontinental Championship match coming up against Finn Balor.
MISS: Roman and Elias Rematch

Once again the E decides to have Roman and Elias face off in the main event of Smackdown Live. Nobody cared about this match going into Money in the Bank and honestly felt Roman beating Elias in seconds was good enough. However we had to endure this again and it went on longer this time. Where there’s Elias there’s Shane and now there’s Drew McIntyre. After Roman defeated Elias again, McIntyre closed the show by smoking Reigns with a Claymore Kick. This definitely wasn’t the way to end Smackdown Live compared to what else happened.


HIT: Big E Returns

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods definitely felt rejuvenated with the return of Big E to New Day. After they had their fun, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn both came out to confront them. After New Day harassed Owens for losing to Kofi at Money in the Bank, he walked off. Sami Zayn however stuck around and went right after the New Day with two microphones. Eventually this led to a match between Kingston and Zayn. Unfortunately most of the match was hidden due to good old commercials. Kingston managed to defeat Zayn, but Paul Heyman showed up with the briefcase taunting Kofi. We all know Brock isn’t appearing, but we did get a surprise.


MISS: Dolph Ziggler the Next Challenger for Kofi

Ziggler came out of nowhere and savagely assaulted Kofi Kingston. Big E was taken out backstage before Kofi’s match so Xavier and Big E were nowhere close to save Kofi. Ziggler returned later in the evening to go on a sob story about how Kofi’s championship reign should’ve been his and said at Super Showdown he plans on winning the WWE Championship. So I guess if you’re M.I.A. for months you can just come back and challenge for the biggest prize in WWE? Okay then? So basically Dolph is back for the big payday and then will disappear to his stand up comedy tour again. Got it.


HIT: Bayley and Becky Join Forces Against Charlotte and Lacey

Before their tag team match, Bayley and Becky had some playful banter about facing each other and  winning the other’s respective belt. However the task at hand tonight was Charlotte Flair and Lacey Evans. Becky and Charlotte didn’t hold back and Becky almost had Charlotte tapping out to the Disarmer, but Lacey Evans got involved and clocked Becky with the Women’s Right. Becky was fortunate enough to get Bayley back in and Bayley managed to score another pinfall over Charlotte Flair. Shocking considering the E likes to make champions look foolish in tag team matches. Hopefully Bayley’s championship run is treated properly and she can rise to the top tier of women in WWE with the likes of Becky and Charlotte.


HIT: R-Truth Could Make the 24/7 Championship Entertaining

I kind of cringed when I heard at Money in the Bank WWE was introducing another title. They struggle at times making their current titles matter. The newest title is the 24/7 Championship and the belt is quite ugly. However the title has been placed in the right hands with R-Truth. R-Truth thrives in the comedy role and could make the 24/7 segments on television and social media must see. I’m hoping there are title changes that happen on social media like at 2 am at a rest stop and hotel room invasions. This would truly then become a 24/7 championship.


Overall the episode of Smackdown Live was okay. The first hour I felt really thrived and then things cooled down, especially knowing Roman and Elias was going to close the show. With that, follow my Twitter @ChairmanSV and thanks for reading.