WWE Money in the Bank 5.19.19: Five Thoughts w/Justin C

1. An Eventful Night In The Women’s Division

So talk about a roller coaster of a night huh? It starts with Bayley winning the women’s Money in the Bank contract. I thought for sure Mandy was going to win at the end. Then Becky defeats Lacey Evans in a match where I thought Lacey held up her end of the match. Immediately after, Charlotte beats Becky and I thought the wrestling world was going to explode. Thankfully, Bayley made the save, cashed in on Charlotte, and won the Smackdown Women’s Title. Now, if it was me, I would have had Becky retain both Titles and Bayley cash in after. Give Bayley’s character an edge. But Bayley winning and celebrating in the crowd was a feel good moment and the crowd popped big for it. Now, they need to treat Bayley like a big deal now. We can’t have Charlotte win back the Title right away for 10 stupid reigns. This needs to be the ascension of Bayley up the card to Becky and Charlotte level.

2. Seth Rollins and AJ Styles Deliver

There have been people that have criticized AJ’s WWE run. While I think its unjust, it wouldn’t be bad to say that he hasn’t really put on good matches recently. That changed tonight. Rollins and Styles put on a great match. The Curb Stomp counter into the Styles Clash was about as good as you could have hoped it to be. With the clean finish I don’t know if they do a rematch. I’d love to see one, but my guess is they move on. I pray it isn’t to who I will not name. But this is definitely a match to go out of your way to see. Not as good as Styles matches against Reigns or Cena but still good. And hopefully we get more of these Rollins matches as his reign as Universal Champ continues.

3. KofiMania Lives On

At this point it was obvious the crowd was getting tired. But I thought Kofi and Kevin Owens put on a really good match. I was surprised by the clean finish. I thought this program would keep going for at least another month. And of course it could still go on. Just because there was a clean finish in WWE land doesn’t mean a feud is over. But Daniel Bryan lost on the preshow and is a tag champ. And Orton is fighting Triple H in Saudi Arabia. So I have no idea who Kofi goes on to next. Do they elevate Andrade? My guess is they keep this program going for some reason.

4. Dead Inside

That Money in the Bank match had some of the craziest spots I have ever seen. Andrade and Finn Balor aren’t going to be able to feel their backs for the next few weeks. These guys are out there killing themselves to win the Money in the Bank contract. Then you have Brock Lesnar walk right in and win it. And this company wonders why they can’t make new stars. Instead, the WWE panicked and put Lesnar back in the mix by more than likely wasting money on him. And now we have to deal with Brock Lesnar showing up at some point and cashing in. If this company puts the Title back on Lesnar I have no idea what to say. The company that wonders why new they can’t make new stars just wasted the Money in the Bank briefcase on Brock Lesnar.

5. Can We Retire Money in the Bank For A Bit?

I brought this up a couple times over the last two weeks. I really think it is time to retire the Money in the Bank contract for a bit. It’s getting a bit tiresome. And I think there is evidence in that with the last two women’s Money in the Bank cash ins happening on the same night of the ladder match. And then they stupidly gave the MITB briefcase to Brock Lesnar. There are only so many ways you can do a cash in. And at this point the surprise isn’t even that big when you can see a cash in coming from a mile away. No one is going to complain if they don’t do a MITB PPV or match for the next couple years.

Random Thoughts

-I guess Rey Mysterio and Samoa Joe are just never destined to have a long match.

-I thought their match at Wrestlemania was better than people gave it credit for, but this Shane/Miz cage match was awful. And Miz losing again makes him look like a goof.

-They did the smartest possible thing they could do with Reigns/Elias. No one wanted to see that match go on for any amount of time.

-There were a decent amount of ref “screw ups” tonight. I wonder if it becomes an angle.

Match of the Night: Seth Rollins vs AJ Styles

DUD Of The Night: Miz vs Shane McMahon

3 Stars: 1. Seth Rollins 2. Andrade 3. Bayley

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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