The HTCWrestling Staff Predicts Money in the Bank

Cruiserweight Championship: Tony Nese (c) vs Ariya Daivari

Justin C: Tony Nese just won the Title at Wrestlemania. I see no reason to take the Title off him yet. Nese retains.

Cam: Tony Nese has the total package and could be a big Star for 205 Live heading forward. I sort of understand why it took so long for Nese to get the top spot but he’s finally here and there’s no way he losing that strap this quickly.

The Chairman: Tony Nese will retain against Ariya Davairi mainly because Nese’s title reign is fairly new and I don’t expect him to drop the title. I of course don’t watch 205 Live or Taped or whatever it is these days so this match doesn’t do anything for me.

Joe: Nese to retain. I’ll be honest, 205 live is not my thing, so I’m not as fully invested. He’s also a new champion, wouldn’t make sense to have him lose so soon.

Smackdown Live Tag Team Titles: Daniel Bryan and Rowan (c) vs The Usos

Justin C: The Usos are on RAW and in the middle of a feud with The Revival. And again, Bryan and Rowan just won the Tag Titles. No need to take the Titles off them yet. Even though I would prefer Bryan to be in the main event scene, logic dictates that the Titles stay on Bryan and Rowan here.

Cam: I am a firm believer that the ‘wild card’ rule can help the overall product of the WWE, in this case however I don’t agree with this cross promotion match. The Usos are currently feuding with The Revival on Raw. Instead of a match between the two teams or even a three way with Raw Tag Champions Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins they will fight for the Smackdown titles, instead. This match should be great overall and I expect Bryan and Rowan to retain.

The Chairman: The Usos take on Daniel Bryan and Rowan in a non title cross promotional match that was thrown together because the WWE has no idea what they’re doing right now. The brand split as far as I’m concerned is dead and the strange part is the Usos are probably going to win this match. What happens next? Do they get a title shot even though they’re technically Raw superstars?

Joe: DB & Rowan to win. They’ve only just become champions, they cannot possibly lose. I’m sure it will be a crafty win, but it’ll be a win none the less. Heel heat baby.

Roman Reigns vs Elias

Justin C: We could always see some shenanigans here that allows Elias to beat Reigns. But that would just be really stupid. I think Elias star is fading faster than people think. Once you get past the whole music act, you are left with a pretty below average wrestler. And he’s exposed in longer matches like this. I don’t think Reigns can hide the weaknesses of Elias here. I have Reigns winning.

Cam: This one is your 100% lock of the night. This should be over relatively quickly but some shenanigans will prolong what will be a Roman Reigns win on his comeback tour. My question right now is, who’s he facing for the WWE Title at Summerslam?

The Chairman: This is a thing? Roman destroys Elias and then probably faces Shane McMahon at a pay per view sometime between now and Summerslam. I guess this at least keeps Reigns away from the WWE Championship picture so fans can’t complain about that.

Joe: Reigns to win. No further comment.

Steel Cage Match: The Miz vs Shane McMahon

Justin C: So how the heck is Shane going to try and kill himself in this match? My guess is Shane goes for either a moonsault or a coast to coast from the top of the cage. I actually liked the match that these two had at Wrestlemania. It wasn’t a blow away match or anything but I thought it was harmless fun. I didn’t even mind Shane winning. But Shane also needs to get the hell off my TV. I hope Miz wins here and we see the end of Shane on RAW and Smackdown for awhile.

Cam: The build up to Wrestlemania between The Miz and Shane McMahon was great and the match at Mania was great. God bless the WWE for trying their best to keep this going. I just hope The Miz wins and Shane either goes away or just stops wrestling, forever.

The Chairman: Shane McMahon and The Miz in a steel cage because why not continue this feud. Shane McMahon taking a match away from the how many wrestlers not on the Money in the Bank card is flat out disgusting. The WWE is overcrowded and they have to give the owner’s forty nine year old son a top feud. Sad part is Shane will probably win due to some shenanigans propelling this feud even longer. Poor Miz.

Joe: Shane to win. My logic with this is, again, it doesn’t make sense. I feel a lot of us have a better plan and story on our head, but good old WWE will trick us somehow. I hope I’m wrong…but I doubt it.

United States Championship: Samoa Joe (c) vs Rey Mysterio

Justin C: Why is this feud still going on when Joe has won every single match in it? Oh yeah because we have to involve Rey’s son Dominic in the storyline. So either Dominic is going to help Rey win, or Dominic is going to get his ass kicked after the match. I’m picking Joe here only because I don’t need to see Rey with the US Title.

Cam: This feud has been a very bright spot for the WWE so expect it to continue for a few months. I think Joe wins here because the money is in the Mysterio win down the line. I kind of expect Dominic, Rey’s son, to see be more involved physically going forward; hell, let the kid make his WWE debut soon. Samoa Joe continues to show why he’s going to be a solid player for the WWE over the next few years.

The Chairman: Kind of an afterthought and it’s weird Rey’s son Dominic has been involved in this storyline. Something tells me Dominic is going to betray his father and help Joe retain. Dominic is going to blame his father for never being around and that whole storyline is going to unravel and we get some weird Rey Mysterio vs Dominic Mysterio? match at Summerslam. I’m probably getting way ahead of myself here, but Joe wins.

Joe: Joe to retain. Come on…he’s a machine! A legit badass. The ONLY legit badass. Mysterio has speed…but he’s knocking on a bit now. Most people aren’t a match for Joe, never mind Mysterio. Easy win for the big man.

RAW Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch (c) vs Lacey Evans

Justin C: I’m a little higher on Lacey Evans then a lot of people. I know people think she’s getting a push just because she is blonde. While that may be true, I don’t necessarily think it is bad to have fresh blood at the top. That said, this is going to be a big test for Lacey. She has to hang with Becky in the ring. If this match is bad, you know that Lacey will get the blame whether justified or not. I also don’t think it is time for Becky to drop the Title yet. And despite me being high on Lacey it is not time for her to win it either. Becky retains.

Cam: I think this match opens the main card so it gives Becky some time to rest. Lacey Evans has been much better than I anticipated so kudos to her. I don’t think she’s going to be the first person to take the first to dethrone Becky.

The Chairman: Becky Lynch will retain against Lacey Evans. I’ve been impressed by Evans now that she stopped just walking down the ramp and to the back. Evans has been one of the hottest stars post Wrestlemania and this is the shot in the arm the women’s division needs. I’ll be curious to see how Evans performs in a pay per view match against Becky Lynch. However I think it’s too soon for the Man to drop the Raw Women’s Championship this quick to Evans.

Joe: Becky to retain Raw title. This one seems pretty easy. They have built Evans up to championship potential…but she’s not quite ready for a title run just yet. It will be a boost to her profile, but still a little too soon for her to be a title holder.

Smackdown Live Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch (c) vs Charlotte Flair

Justin C: This match is given the top billing on the Money in the Bank preview section. No way should this main event, even if there is a Money in the Bank tie in to the end. I don’t think that is the case. The earliest I’m taking any Title off Becky is SummerSlam time. I’m not taking a Title off her after only a month. I could see this match happening after the Women’s MITB to tease a potential cash in, but I don’t think that happens two years in a row. I also don’t think Charlotte is winning. Becky retains again and Charlotte hopefully gets knocked down a peg.

Cam: This match should be the last between Becky Lynch and Charlotte for the foreseeable future because they’ve done it all together and some. As I wrote earlier, I think Bayley wins the briefcase and cashes in on Sunday. It gets Becky away from Charlotte, although I could see a triple threat between the three ladies.

The Chairman: Chapter I lost count. I really didn’t want to see these two wrestle again and yet here we are. I almost want Becky to lose the title to Charlotte so Becky goes to Raw and Charlotte goes to Smackdown and they never interact for the foreseeable future. Of course now that we have WILD CARD rules, there is no brand split so they could feud literally until the end of time. I really don’t want to see Charlotte winning the women’s championship for the NINTH time in just under four years since being called to the main roster. Plus I think it’s fun to see Becky 2 Belts for a little bit longer. Of course if my Bayley prediction holds true, I think this is where she strikes cashing in the contract on Becky. Of course I’m struggling to convince myself the women’s contract is going to be redeemed two years in a row at the Money in the Bank event. Either or, we’ll have to see what happens.

Joe: Flair to win the Smackdown title. As much as I disagree personally, I don’t think WWE will have Charlotte lose, especially at a fan favourite PPV such as this one. They SHOULD as it would make for far better storytelling…but they won’t.

WWE Championship: Kofi Kingston (c) vs Kevin Owens

Justin C: Part of me wonders if Daniel Bryan was cleared earlier we would be getting just Kofi vs Bryan here. But we get Kevin Owens instead. Bryan was the perfect heel foil for Kofi. I’ll be interested to see if Owens gets some cheers compared to Kofi. It hasn’t been coming off on TV if there are any. Kofi has surprised me as Champ with how well he is growing into the role of being the top guy with the Title. I predicted a short Kofi Title reign going into Wrestlemania. But I don’t think Owens is the guy to dethrone Kofi. I’ll pick Kofi to retain in this one.

Cam: The WWE Title picture is in such a great place right now that Kofi Kingston retaining opens more doors and Kevin Owens taking away the title opens even more. With Daniel Bryan playing bad guy tag team dude right now the stage is set for a series of matches for Kofi and Owens. I think Kofi wins this first match but I wouldn’t be surprised if they went with Owens right away.

The Chairman: Kofimania has been running wild in 2019, but now we’re in the dead period after Wrestlemania. Kofi is doing the best he can to fight off his adversaries, but with Big E out to injury and creative making Xavier Woods look weak all the sudden, how much hotter can Kofimania get? I’m sure Vince is thinking the honeymoon phase is over and now it’s time to put the WWE Championship on somebody else and that somebody is Roman Reigns. Reigns isn’t in this match though?!?!? You see, Vince is smart here because he knows if he has Roman take the title from Kofi, the backlash returns. Insert Kevin Owens. Big O joins New Day for two weeks then of course turns like he always does. I’d be real curious to see the placement of the matches on this event being we have briefcases up for grabs and title matches. Either or, I think Kevin Owens takes the title from Kofi Kingston putting an end to Kofimania once in for all.

Joe: Owens to win. As much as it pains me to say it, I think Kofi has had his ‘Wrestlemania Moment’ and its now time for him to leave. Owens is loved by Vinnie Mac and has-been champion before… I think it’s just inevitable really.

Universal Championship: Seth Rollins (c) vs AJ Styles

Justin C: I’m still surprised they went to this match so early. Personally, I would have held it off until SummerSlam. I don’t know what other big match you could do for Rollins there at the moment unless you are going to build up McIntyre again. Either way, I have bad news for everyone who wants to see a clean finish of this match. I’m actually taking something from my Alternate WWE Universe column and using it here. Brock Lesnar comes out and destroys both guys, leading to a non finish. But instead of it happening at Stomping Grounds it happens at the Saudi Arabia show.

Cam: My little brain says that Seth Rollins needs this win to establish himself as the top guy on Raw. My big brain says Brock Lesnar is coming back and it isn’t going to be pretty. The rumored Lesnar/Goldberg match May halter the latter (let’s all pray). If Rollins or AJ Styles walk out as champion count it as a win for the fans. I’ll go with my small brain here and say Seth beats AJ clean and in the middle of the ring with a curb stomp.

The Chairman: Seth Rollins will retain against AJ Styles. This has been a dream match for me and many other wrestling fans. The build of course has been kind of awkward. Styles teasing heel tendencies. Creative deciding to team them up because that’s always a good idea? Something tells me though we may not get a definite winner in this one. I have a strange feeling this could be the first of many in the Rollins Styles series that probably goes until Summerslam. Hopefully this is better than the hyped Styles Nakamura feud we got last year.

Joe: Rollins to retain. The universal title is (supposed to be) the best of the best. There is no way those in power would have Rollins drop the belt so soon…right? Although Corbin did pin him earlier this month…

Women’s Money in the Bank Match

Justin C: Ooof. I’ve said this numerous times already but I think this match is going to be bad. I just don’t trust any of these women in this match to put together a solid showing together. For me this comes down to Mandy Rose and Bayley. I could see an outside shot for Ember Moon but I think Mandy and Bayley are the top two candidates. I think the WWE needs to elevate Bayley to the level of Becky and Charlotte and her winning the MITB match would be a good start for that. And they need to break the stigma of only pushing blonde women. I’ll give the win to Bayley here.

Cam: The WWE has a chance to make two stars in this women’s Money in the Bank Match. Personally, I think Bayley wins and cashes in for the Smackdown Women’s Title to end the show but we will see. The second star is Ember Moon. Sasha Banks is mia and what knows if or when she will be back. Bank’s absences leaves a void that Moon can slide into and the WWE train keeps on rolling on.

The Chairman: The women’s Money in the Bank ladder match doesn’t have alot of depth and it’s quite concerning. It was announced that Alexa Bliss will not be participating in the match and was replaced by Nikki Cross. I think to spite Sasha Banks, her friend Bayley is going to be the one that wins the Money in the Bank briefcase. Bayley regardless should win the contract to elevate herself back into the main event scene after creative pretty much botched her entire career last year. Ember Moon is another one I would like to see win the contract if they don’t go Bayley. Mandy Rose is a dark horse because she has the look and maybe that’s why Carmella went back to blonde to increase her chances? Props to Natalya for being the only woman to participate in every women Money in the Bank ladder match thus far, but that doesn’t secure victories. Nikki could be an interesting briefcase holder, but don’t see it happening. Naomi doesn’t do anything for me and Dana Brooke, lol.

Joe: Bliss to win MITB. She’s been avoiding fighting for a while now. I think she’s been ‘saving herself’ as a tactic (I.e let everyone else battle it out while I sit back and watch for a bit, then go into the match 100% mentally & physically fit) JUSTIN C NOTE: Joe’s pick was made before the Bliss injury and he’s on British time so he didn’t find out before sending these!

Men’s Money in the Bank Match

Justin C: If Baron Corbin wins this match again I don’t know what I would do. I might just quit. I also don’t think Orton wins. But I could at least make an argument for all other guys in this match. This one is really tough for me to predict because of that. I find the late addition of Sami Zayn interesting, even if it is storyline related. I could see Braun coming out and killing him. Andrade won on Smackdown so that might lower his chances. There hasn’t been a lot of smoke around McIntyre recently. But after giving this some thought I’m still picking Andrade here. I think he benefits the most from a win.

Cam: If somehow, someway, Baron Corbin’s Uber driver strands Corbin in Cleveland this could be the best Money in the Bank Match to date. Every superstar in this match brings a lot to the table. Just like the women’s match, the WWE can make two stars on Sunday. I think Andrade wins because not only has he has shined each week on Smackdown but I think an Andrade/Roman Reigns feud in the fall is in the works. Ricochet is the breakout star here, the guy is simply amazing. Showcasing Ricochet here like he was in NXT and the fans, especially the kids, will eat him and his merchandise up.

The Chairman: The men’s Money in the Bank ladder match has alot of deserving talents and I was excited to see Braun Strowman replaced by Sami Zayn. If only they would’ve replaced Baron Corbin and Randy Orton. Orton though I can at least tolerate, I have none for Corbin. I don’t see any of the faces (Finn Balor, Ali, Ricochet) winning so that narrows it down to the heels, which there are alot of in this match. Even though Andrade won on Smackdown and history proves the one that stands tall on the show before a pay per view loses. I’m sticking to my guns and sticking with Andrade. I really feel between him and Zelina Vega, they could cause alot of chaos with the briefcase. Though I wouldn’t be opposed to a Sami Zayn victory either. As much as I like McIntyre, I feel he’s over enough that he doesn’t need it.

Joe: Corbin to win MITB. This kills me, but I think it would be a swerve we’re not expecting, but also will hate. Doesn’t make sense, but when has anything WWE recently? Plus, huge heel heat for Corbin.

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