Justin C’s Alternate WWE Universe: Week of 5/13/19 And How I’d Book Money in the Bank

If you don’t remember my thoughts or my “rules” for this last week, you can view my booking from 5/6/19 here:

Justin C’s Alternate WWE Universe 5/6/19

WWE RAW 5/13/19

8:00-8:25: After a recap of my announcements from last week, we start with Sami Zayn coming to the ring. He goes to grab a mic but stops himself from going off and just says bring out the next challenger. He beat Cedric Alexander last week and has three more wins to go. Out comes Cesaro and we get the type of match you would expect from these two. And yes, we do touch on their history from NXT. We don’t ignore it. Sami Zayn wins with the Helluva Kick.

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8:30-8:40: The Revival come out to talk about their beat down of the Usos from last week. By the way, I have the old style interview stage set up. They say that they will no longer be treated as a joke and are here to prove that they are the best and baddest tag team in the WWE, and they showed that to the Usos last week when they left them a bloody mess.

Miz is backstage. Miz says after what Shane did to his father, he looks forward to ending Shane’s WWE career at Money in the Bank this Sunday.

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8:45-8:55: Naomi vs Ruby Riott. I have to give Naomi the win here. I’m not the WWE and going to give random people not in MITB a win.

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9:00-9:20: Becky Lynch promo. Becky says that it doesn’t matter if it is Charlotte with a hat or Natty, she is walking out with both belts on Sunday. We get Lacey vs Natty. Remember after last week’s match, if Natty wins her and Lacey switch spots. I have Lacey work a match here with Natty to get used to it for Sunday. But Lacey wins and stares down Becky at the commentary table as she leaves.

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9:25-9:40: Firefly Funhouse. I liked yesterday’s segment so I’m actually going to keep that here. We also have the War Raiders squash the Lucha House Party.

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9:45-9:55: Ricochet vs Baron Corbin: Unlike this week, Ricochet beats Corbin. I’m not stupid.

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10:00-10:15: Braun Strowman vs Drew McIntyre: One of my main goals here is to get clean wins to become a thing again. So guess what? Drew beats Braun clean. Braun can take the hit here.

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10:20-10:30: Backstage, we find Rey Mysterio laid out and personnel rushing to him. We also get Dana Brooke and Alexa Bliss promos.

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10:35-End: We see Rey being loaded into an ambulance. We then get Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles. Remember the loser of last week’s tag team main event had to wrestle tonight. Styles picks up the win and has a stare down with Rollins to end the show. I hate having Champs lose clean but Joe losing to AJ isn’t bad to me.

Smackdown Live 5/14/19

8:00-8:20: Finn Balor and Ali vs Randy Orton and Andrade. This match is also a part of the tag team tournament to crown new Champs. Finn and Ali pick up the win. After the match, Orton hits the RKO on Andrade.

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8:25-8:35: Buddy Murphy walks past Finn Balor backstage. Murphy lets Finn know that he has his sights set on Finn’s Intercontinental Title. We then get Carmella and Ember Moon promos as well as the Firefly Funhouse segment.

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8:40-8:55: Bayley vs Charlotte Flair. I know I just said I want clean wins, but I have to do a DQ here. I don’t want Bayley losing to Charlotte twice. Charlotte lays out Bayley until Becky makes the save.

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9:00-9:15: A quick Elias concert with Shane, then Elias vs R-Truth followed by Reigns taking out Elias after

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9:20-9:35: IIconics promo, followed by Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose vs Asuka and Kairi Sane. Asuka and Sane pick up the win after Sonya pushes Mandy out of the way of their finisher.

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9:40-End: Kofi and Xaiver vs Kevin Owens and Daniel Bryan. Bryan picks up the win for his team, allowing him into the WWE Title match this Sunday.

Money in the Bank

Pre Show: Asuka and Kairi Sane defeat The IIconics to win the Women’s Tag Team Titles

Miz vs Shane McMahon: Miz beats Shane. After the match, the crowd sings Goodbye to Shane.

Becky Lynch vs Lacey Evans: I’m giving Becky the win here. It is too early to take both Titles off her and too early to give this Title to Lacey Evans.

Women’s Money in the Bank: Bayley wins. I thought about giving it to Mandy Rose but decided against it. The match ends with Bayley, Ember and Carmella all on top. Bayley knocks both off.

Roman Reigns vs Elias: Reigns wins. I’m not a big Elias guy so this starts his slow decent down the card for me.

Seth Rollins vs AJ Styles: Sorry folks, but after 20+ minutes this ends with Brock Lesnar interference. Did I mention I’m not going to Saudi Arabia? Because I’m not. So we have some Lesnar dates to still use.

Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair: Faces are winning all over! Becky retains here again and these two don’t go 1-on-1 again for a very long time.

Kofi Kingston vs Kevin Owens vs Daniel Bryan: Kofi retains the Title. I gave some consideration to taking the Title off Kofi here but he is still over so I’m not doing that yet.

Men’s Money in the Bank Match: The faces sweep the night, as Ricochet climbs the ladder and wins. Ricochet jumps onto the ladder just when it looks like Baron Corbin is going to win and knocks him off. The show ends with my future star, Ricochet, standing tall.

So that’s my week two. We have plenty to work with going into the summer here. Let me know your thoughts!

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