Alexa Bliss Out Of Money in the Bank

Well the booking of RAW seems to make a little bit more sense now:

JC’s Take: My first question is why Bliss was put in this match of this was the case. She hasn’t wrestled on RAW the last couple weeks. I don’t know if she has been doing house shows (I don’t believe she has) and her last match on TV was against Naomi. So I don’t think something has happened since the announcement.

This leads me to the career path of Alexa Bliss. This is not the first time she’s been pulled from a match due to medical problems. I’m sure she wants to get back in the ring, but she might have to start looking at her long term future. She’s a good enough talked that she can make a career in wrestling still.

Of course this could also be all storyline related and my thoughts mean nothing. Either way, I’m assuming Nikki Cross gets added to the match.

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