NXT UK 5.12.19

Piper Niven Vs Jamie Hayter

This was over as quickly as it began. A little back & forth until Hayter straight up slapped Niven. She didn’t take too kindly to that, returning the favour with a Glaswegian kiss & a Michinoku driver. The hometown hero claims another victory.

Ligero Vs Jordan Devlin (Fatal Four-Way Qualifier)

On paper, this bout was set to be awesome. But much like the live crowd… I just wasn’t feeling it. It wasn’t necessarily boring, I just didn’t feel invested. Ligero sold brilliantly, he made Devlin look unstoppable, and despite a sweet superkick to the face by Ligero, it was Devlin who claimed the victory.

Jack Starz Vs Ilja Dragunov

Poor Starz must have drawn the short straw here today. Of all the NXT UK debuts, this was the most hyped. Dragunov was sold to us as this intense, borderline sadistic killing machine…and he pretty much delivered. Starz had no chance. The beating he took was very structured, organised and methodical. Dragunov is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Killer Kelly Vs Xia Brookside.

Finally, we have a matchup in which the crowd is behind both competitors. It was fast-paced and smooth flowing…but it lasted all of 2 mins. Jinny interrupted the match and brought out Jazzy Gabert. Kelly was intelligent enough to get the hell out of the ring. Brookside, however, wasn’t. Gabert quickly put her down and stood tall over the Scouser. Is this a sign of things to come?

Dave Mastiff Vs Wolfgang (Fatal Four-Way Qualifier)

Both these men are monsters who are set on destruction. Mastiff usually gets a lot of love from the crowd, but Wolfgang has the home turf advantage, and the crowd were behind him 100% of the way. He put up a good fight too (an attack from the top rope AND he picked up Dave Mastiff like he was a baby) but this wasn’t enough to put the (bigger) man down. Mastiff wins and qualifies, but he took a beating afterwards from the Coffey boys for his efforts.