WWE Smackdown Taped Hits and Misses 5.14.19

HIT: Fatal 4 Way

The Smackdown Live representatives in the Money in the Bank ladder match met in a fatal four way match. Andrade, Randy Orton, Ali, and Finn Balor. The match got a decent amount of time and was definitely fun watching the four of them. Was thinking how awesome it’d be if these four were in a match together with a title on the line. In the end, Andrade managed to score a decisive pinfall victory over Finn Balor. With Andrade racking up a few victories over Balor, you’d think he’d be due for an Intercontinental Championship match.


MISS: Heavy Favorites Chances Jeopardized

Andrade was one of my favorites to win Money in the Bank, but because he won this match on Smackdown Live tonight, I don’t have a good feeling. Anyone that watches WWE knows usually when someone wins a match on the Raw or Smackdown before a pay per view or looks good at the end of a segment before a pay per view means they’re losing the pay per view because Vince loves that 50/50 booking. Hope this isn’t the case here, but we’ll see.


HIT: Bray Wyatt

Skeptical of the Firefly Funhouse at first, but I’m still along for the ride. I really want to know where this story is going to go. It’s one of the few things going in WWE that might actually have a long term plan. Wyatt appears to have stolen a mask from one of the Slipknot guys and hopefully at Money in the Bank something big happens with his character.


MISS: Shane Really Needs to Drift Away

It’s bad enough nobody knows who is on what show anymore with this wild card anarchy rules, but now we got Shane McMahon wrestling way more than he ever needs to be. On top of that he’s actually pinning established wrestlers. I don’t need to beat the dead horse here, but Shane really needs to get behind the scenes and off my television and out of the ring where legit wrestlers are getting stashed in catering because of him.


HIT: Kofi Gets Ambushed

Kofi was supposed to be the special guest on the Kevin Owens show who ironically is his opponent at Money in the Bank. Owens of course teased coming to the ring and finally Kofi had enough and charged Owens. Little did Kofi know, Sami Zayn showed up as the WILD CARD and attacked Kofi. It’s no secret KO and Sami are close friends so I guess even on different shows, the WILD CARD lets them reconnect. Xavier Woods of course wasn’t going to sit back and let Kofi get attacked. At least we didn’t get a stupid contract signing.


MISS: Creative Missed an Idea

After watching this hype video for Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair I got thinking who is Becky facing first Lacey or Charlotte? I got thinking there should’ve been a match between Lacey and Charlotte where the winner would earn the right to challenge Becky second. This would obviously be an advantage for who would face Becky second, but of course since they’re both heel we can’t do that.


With that, I’ll be live tweeting Money in the Bank because even though Vinnie Mac has let us down the past few weeks, I’m hoping there is redemption with this pay per view. I’m sure alot of fans will probably be watching Game of Thrones finale, but I won’t so follow @ChairmanSV on Twitter and we can enjoy or bash the show this Sunday. Thanks for reading.