Justin C’s Alternate WWE Universe: Week of 5/6/19

So we can all agree that we are pretty sick of the WWE’s booking at this point right? Me too. So I decided I wanted to try something. Everyone loves some good fantasy booking right? RIGHT? Okay well I don’t care if you do or not. I want to add some new features to the site and this is going to be one of them. I’m going to post an alternate WWE Universe (no pun intended) to book in comparison to the one we see on TV every week. My goal is to do this at least through SummerSlam. I would love to do it through Wrestlemania depending on my life/work schedule.

Now I’m not going to script out every promo. I’m not going to go through every move of every match. My goal here is to break down the basics. I have commercial breaks spliced in as well. And who knows, maybe someone in the WWE will notice and I’ll get a call. (I probably wouldn’t take it).

Alright, with all that out of the way, here’s my start of booking this past week’s RAW and Smackdown.


8:00-8:15: Opening Promo. I come out and let everyone know that things are changing. Wins and losses are going to matter. I’m ACTUALLY going to listen to the fans. Seth Rollins comes out. Rollins demands a fight with AJ Styles tonight. Out comes Styles. They get stopped from fighting. I say how I could put them on the same team and we can all wonder how they will co-exist. But instead, I’m giving them until the end of the night to find a partner, because they will be in a tag team match on opposite sides at the end of the night. And the winner’s side won’t have to compete in a match next week on RAW.

I then invite Lacey Evans out to the ring. I tell Lacey while she’s made an impact so far, she has yet to show it in the ring. Title shots need to be earned, not handed out. So next, all four women in the Money in the Bank match will compete a fatal 4 way match. The winner will fight Lacey next week, and if they beat Lacey they switch spots at Money in the Bank. Lacey starts throwing a fit as I tell her “that’s no way to act like a lady” and leave.

*commercial break*

8:20-8:40: Naomi vs Alexa Bliss vs Dana Brooke vs Natalya. Everyone gets entrances now too unless you’re a jobber in a squash match. Natalya wins after she rolls up Naomi. Natty gets to face Lacey next week.

*commercial break*

8:45-8:55: Mojo Rawley promo. Talks about how’s he ready to step out and show everyone what he can become. Listen, I’m a Mojo believer so you are going to have to deal with this.

Firefly Funhouse Segment. I’m going to keep doing these too. I have a plan down the line.

Miz is backstage waiting for Shane. Miz gets asked what he is going to do when Shane arrives. Miz says he is going to take this chair and bash it over Shane’s back and skull. Miz is informed he has a match later with Lashley.

*commercial break*

9:00-9:15: Sami Zayn comes out. He starts cutting another promo but I come out and stop him. I tell Sami he has been underused here, but at the same time I’m sick of hearing him bitch and moan. I tell Sami he has two options, the first is I rip up his contract and he can leave. Sami starts to leave. I ask if he wants to hear the other option. Sami keeps walking so I tell him the other option is a future Universal Title match. Sami stops and reconsiders. I tell him he has to win on RAW the next four weeks, and he has to keep his mouth shut. Sami agrees. His first match is tonight against Cedric Alexander. Sami ends up winning.

*commercial break*

9:20-9:25: Sami is interviewed backstage about his opportunity. Cesaro interrupts and informs him he is Sami’s opponent next week, and he looks forward to showing everyone he’s much more qualified to fight for the Universal Title.

Ryder and Hawkins promo. They talk about the tag team division improving on RAW. And they’re going to prove to everyone they are no joke and worthy of being called Tag Champs.

Miz shown in the parking lot waiting for Shane. Official tells Miz his match is next. Miz reluctantly goes into the arena.

*commercial break*

9:30-9:45: Miz vs Lashley- At the end of the match, Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale but Shane runs through the crowd and attacks Miz. They brawl into the back, with Shane eventually getting away in his car and nearly hitting Miz with it.

*commercial break*

9:50-9:55: Usos come out but are immediately laid out by the Revival. They put them through tables and use every weapon you can think of. They leave the Usos busted open as they walk off.

*commercial break*

10:00-10:20: Revival are stopped backstage. They are asked to explain their actions but walk away.

Braun Strowman vs Baron Corbin. Braun wins but is laid out after the match by Drew McIntyre.

*commercial break*

10:25-10:30: Becky promo. Doesn’t care if it is Natty or Lacey, she’s beating both of them at Money in the Bank.

*commercial break*

10:35-end: Seth Rollins and Ricochet vs Rey Mysterio and AJ Styles- My first step to making both shows more about the wrestling with this main event. Also my step in making Ricochet a star as well. Rollins and Ricochet win after Rollins pins AJ with a roll up.

Smackdown Live

8:00-8:05: Shane McMahon comes out to start the show. I come out an put a stop to his best in the world crap. I tell Shane that everyone is sick of his crap. I let Shane know that I added a stipulation to his match against Miz at Money in the Bank. If he loses, to put it in the words of his father, YOU’RE FIRED.

8:05-8:20: Andrade vs Ali. Ali wins after botched Zelina interference.

*commercial break*

8:25-8:40: I announce the start of a tag team tournament. I’m looking for eight teams. One match the next four weeks, leading to the finals at Stomping Grounds. First up is Rusev/Nak vs Matt Hardy/R-Truth. Rusev and Nak get the win.

*commercial break*

8:45-8:55: Firefly Funhouse segment, Buddy Murphy promo letting everyone know he’s going to be making an impact soon, Aleister Black promo

*commercial break*

9:00-9:20: Carmella and Ember Moon vs Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose. Mandy and Sonya get the win after Sonya pushes Mandy out of the way of the Eclipse. Mandy picks up the win. Asuka and Kairi come out and challenge them to a match next week.

Bayley promo about winning Money in the Bank.

9:25-9:40: Randy Orton vs Chad Gable. Lets get some of these other guys TV exposure. But Gable eventually eats a RKO.

*commercial break*

9:45-end: Xaiver Woods vs Kevin Owens. KO gets the win after Woods is distracted by a returning Daniel Bryan taking out Kofi. Bryan lays the WWE Title on Kofi as the show ends.

So what do you think?

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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