WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses 5.7.19 w/ The Chairman

HIT: Sami Zayn Gets a WWE Championship Match

I’ve been a big fan of Sami Zayn for years. If you recall, he was my pick for breakout superstar for 2018. Obviously everyone knows Zayn’s 2018 wasn’t memorable in a good way. Between being stuck in a terrible storyline with Bobby Lashley involving his sisters to injuries, 2018 was a year to forget. Zayn is back though with a new attitude and now with these new wild card rules instilled by Vince McMahon, Zayn decided to go to Smackdown Live tonight because AJ Styles did? Well either or, we ended up getting Sami Zayn in a WWE Championship match tonight against Kofi Kingston and AJ Styles. The match was a solid ending to Smackdown Live. Sami looked great, minus delivering three Blue Thunder Bombs and Kofi all the sudden has John Cena powers kicking out of all of them only to deliver a Trouble in Paradise moments later to finish off Zayn. Sami’s chase for gold on the main roster continues, but it’s nice to see him get a title shot.


MISS: Shane McMahon Live

It’s bad enough we have post Wrestlemania Shane. It’s bad enough he’s involved in feuds with Roman Reigns and the Miz. It’s bad enough he’s on Raw. Now he’s literally taking over Smackdown Live to the point he’s been involved in a good portion of the segments. He’s giving the vacant tag team titles away to Daniel Bryan and Rowan. He’s got the B Team attacking Miz. We don’t see Triple H and Stephanie nearly this much. Ratings are getting bad and showcasing a forty nine year old son of a senile owner isn’t going to help turn things around.


HIT: Andrade and Ali Collide

It was as good as advertised, unfortunately most of the match took place during a break. The promos before the match were great. I have high hopes for both of these wrestlers in 2019 and definitely would like to see either one of them win the Money in the Bank briefcase in a few weeks. I’m biased towards Andrade because I think the briefcase better suits a heel, but I love what Ali does in the ring as well. Unfortunately this match came to a screeching halt when another Money in the Bank competitor Randy Orton showed up and delivered RKO’s to both Ali and Andrade. Ali and Andrade are two guys I hope don’t get lost in this brand new wild card idea Vince came up with.


MISS: Women Barely Featured

Weird seeing a show without Becky Lynch, but she wasn’t part of Smackdown Live this evening. There was a match between Ember Moon and Carmella against Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose. Apparently Bayley was supposed to be Carmella’s partner, but everyone knows card is subject to change. The match was over before you could blink with Mandy getting the pin over Ember. Definitely stinks seeing Ember getting dominated like this, but that’s creative for you. Two hour show and the women get five minutes of air time definitely isn’t good for this alleged women’s evolution.


HIT: Usos Try to Save Suffering Tag Team Division

When it was announced Shane McMahon was going to crown a new tag team as champions, I couldn’t think for the life of me who. Smackdown doesn’t exactly have alot of quality tag teams these days. It was weird seeing Daniel Bryan go from the WWE Championship to tag team champ, but that’s the reality of it. It was nice though seeing the Usos show up and cut an excellent promo talking about the importance of those titles. Sure beats what has happened to the Usos since moving to Raw by getting turned into a stupid comedy team pulling pranks on the Revival. The Usos against Bryan and Rowan was a nice match to have in the middle of the show. Sure the Usos didn’t win, but at least for one night they got to return to the show where they ran wild in the tag team division.


MISS: Roman Reigns Video Package

Clearly Vince has no idea what he’s doing and it’s showing. He probably got confused on who was available for Smackdown Live and who wasn’t and when he realized what he had he decided to throw together a Roman Reigns promotional video. Why do we need this? Most wrestling fans know Roman started in NXT, did the Shield thing, and had some big moments the past few years. Doing stuff like this is going to overexpose Roman real quick and get people to turn on him again. Some folks of course have already remained true to their dislike to him. However, Roman didn’t need this promotional video. It’s not like we’re going to see one for Big E or Shinsuke Nakamura any time soon.


I have no idea what to think with the WWE going forward with this Wild Card stuff. Hit me up on Twitter @ChairmanSV to give me your thoughts on the direction of WWE and thanks for reading.