WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses 4.30.19 w/ The Chairman

HIT: Bayley vs Becky Lynch First Time on Smackdown

Sick and tired of being lost in the shuffle of Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair, Bayley has put her foot down since arriving to Smackdown Live. It was announced that Bayley would be one of the participants in the women’s Money in the Bank ladder match in a few weeks. The real story here though is that Becky and Bayley had a one on one match for the first time since NXT so needless to say it’s been awhile. The match got decent time and sure it’s surprising they wouldn’t have saved this for a pay per view. However the WWE is desperate for ratings so they weren’t shy about advertising this match and sticking to it. Bayley went up top for the flying elbow smash, but it was blocked and turned into a Disarmer by Becky which led to Bayley quickly tapping out. There wasn’t much time for celebration as Charlotte Flair immediately attacked Becky and Bayley making her presence felt.


MISS: Has Kofimania Lost It’s Appeal?

Some strange reason Michael Cole kicked off the first ten minutes of Smackdown Live with Kofi Kingston going over his road to becoming the NEW WWE Champion. Don’t understand why we needed to see all that again, especially when Smackdown Live is a two hour show. Most fans know the story of Kofi Kingston already and don’t need to be reminded how we got there. Fans want to know what’s next between Kofi and Kevin Owens since Owens betrayed New Day last week. We eventually got there and at Money in the Bank we will be seeing Kofi defend the WWE Championship against Owens. The question is though will Kofi be able to keep his momentum alive or will Kofimania be completely cooled off by then? I feel Kofi’s momentum has died and usually when it comes to babyface champions, the chase is sometimes more fun than life after the title capture. The powers to be are really going to need to dig deep if they want Kofimania to survive into the summer. I however think Kevin Owens could be taking the title come Money in the Bank.


HIT: Smackdown Live Sending the Right People to Money in the Bank

After most of the disappointing announcements on Raw for who is going to Money in the Bank, Smackdown Live is sending all the right people. Many fans wanted Andrade, Ali, and Finn Balor to represent Smackdown in the men’s Money in the Bank match and those three are in fact participates. Randy Orton of course takes the final spot, but hard to argue keeping out a former thirteen time champ and former Money in the Bank winner. I’m just happy it wasn’t Lars Sullivan so I’ll take Orton. The women on Smackdown Live are night and day better options than what Raw is sending. Bayley was announced earlier, but Mandy Rose, Ember Moon, and former Money in the Bank winner Carmella fill out the Smackdown Live side. The Smackdown women roster before the superstar shakeup has been pretty much on the back burner outside of Becky and Charlotte. If one of these four women win the briefcase, things could get real interesting on Smackdown. Also keep in mind both Money in the Bank winners last year were Raw superstars. WWE loves that 50/50 booking so both briefcases could end up on Smackdown this year?


MISS: Does Smackdown Live Have a Tag Team Division?

Turns out there were some rumblings about Jeff Hardy and it turns out he’s injured therefore the Hardy Boyz were forced to vacate the Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship. Smackdown Live has a major tag team problem now with this recent news. The Usos are on Raw, The Bar has been split up, New Day is out of the tag team division for the time being, Sanity has been disbanded, The Club have been sent to Raw though Smackdown picked up the B Team…… I guess Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura will get the titles for being the only team left I guess.


MISS: Roman Reigns Stuck in a Dead End Feud

I’m thankful Roman Reigns hasn’t been propelled immediately into the WWE Championship scene, but what we’re getting might be worse. A feud with Shane McMahon. It’s bad enough we have to deal with Shane’s feud with Miz on Raw, but now he remains on Smackdown feuding with Roman as well. I’m guessing having Roman feud with Shane is a way for WWE to get fans behind Roman, but most wrestling fans aren’t stupid and see right thru this cheap ploy. Reigns vs Elias at Money in the Bank isn’t going to help get fans interested either when the card is already loaded. Throwing Reigns into a handicapped match against the lowly B Team isn’t going to help getting fans to care. I don’t know what the answer is on what to do with Reigns, but there has to be something better than Shane McMahon.


Definitely not a good episode of Smackdown Live. Sure the picture for Money in the Bank is more clear now, but things just seem to be tossed together. It’s clear the creative team is trying to stuff much content as they can in the small window they have. With that, follow my twitter @ChairmanSV for the latest and thanks for reading.