NXT UK Results 5.1.19

JC’s Note: Please welcome Joey from the UK to our HTCWrestling crew. He is from the area and will be reviewing NXT UK for us as well as other shows from the British wrestling scene. You can follow him on Twitter @Baxterrat.

Travis Banks Vs Mansoor

It’s a slow start to the show with these two competitors focusing mainly on holds and grapples, but when it kicked in, it did so thick and fast. Banks laid down some brutal shots on Mansoor, including a perfectly timed suicide dive. Despite a feeble attempt at trying to gain control, Mansoor was no match for Banks. Slice of Heaven followed by the Kiwi Crusher gave Banks the easy 1-2-3.

Piper Niven Vs Reina Gonzalez

Despite Gonzalez having the height advantage (she’s much faster for her height too) she just couldn’t use her attributes to secure the win over Niven. The Scot took a beating, but in the end gained the win via an impressive michinoku driver.

Jordan Devlin Vs NXT UK Champion Walter (non-title match up)

Jordan Devlin has a lot of confidence in his ability (& understandably so) but when the crowd start to chant ‘Walters gonna kill you’, you can see why it would have an effect on his mentality, and it clearly did. Devlin spent an awful amount of time running in and out of the ring for the first part of the match. Some might say tactics; other may use the word coward. No matter what he threw at Walter, he just seemed to shrug it off. The turning point came when Walter finally got his hands on him…more to the point, his size 17 boot…to the face. The noise on impact was insane. How he recovered from that I do not know, but he did, and he began work on taking down Walter via kick after kick of his left knee. Walter took a lot of damage, but he’s not the NXT UK champion for nothing. If the boot to the face didn’t make you wince, the chop from hell Devlin received almost certainly did. My word. I can still hear it now!

The crowd were well & truly behind both men as they fought back and forth through chants of ‘this is awesome’, and again, deservedly so. Devlin gave it his all, but in the end a killer clothesline followed by a power bomb well and truly did him in. The champions winning streak continues.

As Walter raised the title in the air victorious the theme of the Bruiserweight filled the venue. These 2 haven’t seen each other since NXT Takeover New York! With four simple words, the path is set for the future…

Give me my rematch!