Dean Ambrose Teases The Return Of Jon Moxley In Twitter Video

Well, that didn’t take long. Dean Ambrose’s WWE Contract expired at the end of April. A little after midnight, Ambrose sent out a tweet for the first time in years with a new video teasing the return of Jon Moxley. Before Ambrose went to the WWE, he was known as Jon Moxley on the independent scene. Moxley was known for competing in death matches in CZW.

Here’s the video:

JC’s Take: Well if you want to look for hidden messages in the video there are plenty. The obvious being that Moxley is breaking out of the WWE prison that he was in the last few years. Moxley is also running free from a “big dog” when he escapes the prison.

And if you really want to go deep, Moxley walks past a sign for the Viper Club with two dice that have the numbers 2 and 5 showing. Double or Nothing is on May 25. Also, no offense to Moxley, but this video is really well produced and I doubt that he did it on his own. He probably has some professional backing with this video. And if it is AEW, it is a big get for them.

The fact that this all happened so quickly when everyone thought Ambrose would take some time off goes to show you that no one really knows what they are talking about sometimes.

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