WWE Smackdown Live 4.23.19: The Three Key Stories w/Justin C

Justin C here. I wasn’t available yesterday to watch RAW. Thanks to the Chairman for filling in for me. But I’m here tonight to give my thoughts on Smackdown Live!

1. Why Is Shane McMahon Still A Thing?

I thought Shane was suppose to disappear after Wrestlemania. Isn’t that what he normally does? Instead we now have a Shane McMahon/Roman Reigns feud, with a little bit of Elias thrown in as well. At least lumping all three of them into one program doesn’t stretch them out across the show. I have not been interested in anything Shane has done since coming back. I have no desire to see him wrestle. If I’m guessing, the WWE knows people will cheer Roman over Shane and Elias so this is their way of keeping Roman cheered for now. But they are going to need to use some gimmick matches to make any Shane/Roman match interesting. I am not looking forward to seeing Shane get blown up and throwing awful punches for the next month.

2. Are We Still Saying Charlotte Flair Isn’t The Female Roman Reigns?

You know I was really hoping that Charlotte would stay away from Becky and the Title scene on Smackdown after Wrestlemania. But nope. Because the WWE (probably Vince) can’t help themselves, they had to put Charlotte back in the Title picture. Why does she have to be around the Title every single freaking week? The crowd was super behind Bayley during the match. How hard would it have been to try something different? Apparently really hard. But now Vince has two look a likes fighting Becky at Money in the Bank. No wonder Sasha Banks feels like she does. It is the same shit over and over.

3. Back to the Kevin Owens Show

When they didn’t turn him last week, I actually thought we were going to see face Kevin Owens for a long time. I liked him in the role. It was something different. And if we are being honest, I think if you played it out longer more people would have bought him as a face. But Kevin Owens turned tonight in a well done angle. Kofi needed an opponent for Money in the Bank. And even though I liked him as a face, he is a great heel. I just hope they get behind Owens as the top heel on the show, especially if Daniel Bryan is out for an extended period. Smackdown needs one and Owens can fill that top spot.

Other Notes

-How long are they going to go with the “stunned silence” routine when it comes to Lars Sullivan?

-Why is Aleister Black talking? And what the hell was he talking about? Please don’t change anything about him.

-Can they make the IIconics look any worse?

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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