WWE Raw Hits and Misses 4.22.19 w/ The Chairman

HIT: The Universal Championship is the Focus on Raw Again

Now that we’ve moved past the post Mania Raw and Superstar Shakeup Raw. It’s time to see if Raw has what it takes to keep the viewers engaged. We don’t have a reason to keep coming back now unless they give us one and I think tonight we’re on the right path. It was announced there would be two triple threat matches with the winners meeting in the main event. The winner then would meet Seth Rollins at Money in the Bank for the Universal Championship. The first match paired AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe vs Rey Mysterio. This match was fantastic and all three of them of course came over from Smackdown. At various points of the match it was anybody’s match. In the end though we seen a crazy finish where Styles delivered a Styles clash to Rey Mysterio onto Samoa Joe. Definitely a must see match for Raw standards. The other match featured Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre, and Miz. Corbin and McIntyre I’ve seen wrestle Rollins more times than I’ve written articles covering Raw on HTC and probably even Smackdown and that’s quite a few. The match wasn’t as good as the first one, but definitely edge of your seat action. Corbin tossed McIntyre out of the ring after he took Miz out with the Claymore Kick and stole the pinfall to advance. Therefore AJ Styles vs Baron Corbin was the main event.


MISS: Baron Corbin is Not a Main Event Player

Raw may have limped by the past year with constable, general manager, and obnoxious heel Corbin, but it’s time to realize he’s not a main event caliber talent. With the Superstar Shakeup and the massive overhaul on Raw, there’s no reason Corbin should be anywhere near the main event, let alone the Universal Championship scene. It’s bad enough the Universal Championship scene was held hostage by Brock Lesnar for the better part of the past two years, but now undeserving individuals like Corbin are in prime position for title matches? I could name several other superstars I’d rather see in this position than Baron Corbin.


HIT: Money in the Bank Universal Championship Match is Booked

AJ Styles and Baron Corbin closed out Raw in the main event with the winner challening Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship at Money in the Bank. Everyone loves AJ Styles, but it’s so hard to get invested in this match with Baron Corbin on the other side. The rumors were running wild that Corbin would be the one challenging Rollins earlier today which made this even tougher to watch. In the end though, AJ Styles managed to defeat Baron Corbin and is now in prime position to challenge Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship.


MISS: Rollins vs Styles This Quick?

I’m talking out of both sides of my mouth here. As awesome as it’s going to be to finally see Seth Rollins and AJ Styles wrestle which has literally been a dream match of mine since Styles signed. I feel like WWE is in desperation mode by giving us this match this soon. It’s almost as if WWE knows they have alot of fans hooked because we’ve just wrapped up Wrestlemania season and now they’re desperate to keep the fans around so they’re giving this away early. Rollins vs Styles could easily headline a Summerslam or Wrestlemania and now it’s happening at Money in the Bank and it’s possible it might not even be the main event. However I’m going to sit back and enjoy the ride because this one is going to be good. I just hope this doesn’t up end being another Styles Nakamura feud.


HIT: Robert Roode’s Mustache is Glorious

As of late WWE superstars are losing names, but Bobby Roode’s name has changed to Robert Roode and he’s equipped with a mustache. Sure he now looks like either somebody’s uncle, Rick Rude, or Silas Young, but the heel persona we’ve all wanted is finally here. Roode managed to defeat Ricochet in singles action tonight meaning Roode may finally be gaining some serious singles momentum that he hasn’t had since arriving to the main roster. Sure it sucks to see Ricochet lose, but one lose isn’t going to hurt him. It’s not like he’s losing at the level of the Iiconics.


MISS: Name Changes and Superstar Shakeups Oh My

Even though Superstar Shakeup was last week, the WWE still has no idea what they’re doing. After the entire internet turned on the Viking Experience name, now they’re being known as the Viking Raiders. Depends who you talk to, Andrade and Zelina Vega were shipped back to Smackdown Live along with Aleister Black promoting Cesaro to get moved to Raw. There’s also nobody running the brands on a week to week basis, instead it’s just a McMahon that shows up when they see fit. Speaking of shakeup, does anyone have any idea what the hell they’re doing Bray Wyatt. He’s been repackaged as a creepy kid show host? Remains to be seen where this ends up, but I’m having my doubts.


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