WWE RAW 4.15.19: Thoughts On The RAW Side of the Superstar Shakeup!

So instead of my normal three thoughts and whatnot, I’ve decided to do what I did last year for the Shakeup. I’ll breakdown every new addition to RAW with my thoughts, and add in other thoughts from the show as well.

The Miz: Hey I started off 1 for 1! Lets just call it a night and move forward. Miz can be a decent upper midcard face on RAW as long as they feud him with the right people. Plus they need to keep his character’s edge that has grown over the last month during his feud with Shane. That feud needs to end soon by the way.

War Raiders: I don’t give a single fuck what Vince McMahon wants to call them. I refuse to call the War Raiders the “Viking Experience” or to call them Ivar and Erik. That is the stupidest fucking name change I have ever heard them do. The crowd can chant “war” during their entrance and moves but instead they had to go over this dumb name change. This kind of hurts the NXT tag team division as I have no idea what they will do down there. But the War Raiders will get over with their move set despite the awful name change.

Cedric Alexander: Well, if they can follow the path they laid with Mustafa Ali over on Smackdown they might be able to find something with Cedric. I hope that is the case at least. My guess? Have fun trying to make TV every week Cedric. And I like Cedric Alexander. That is just a gut feeling.

Andrade: Okay, this is one move I can fully get behind if they push Andrade. He’s had the talent the whole time. Maybe if they let him actually showcase his talent they can build him up to a match for the Universal Title later in the year. Andrade is more talented than Alberto del Rio and he won a World Title.

Rey Mysterio: Hey maybe Rey and Andrade can finally finish their feud! At this point I am over Rey Mysterio and really don’t care too much about him. Considering he will be around part time it doesn’t really matter to me.

The Usos: This one was pretty much a lock to me after they lost the Smackdown Live tag team titles last week. The RAW tag team division is actually getting a bit better with this shakeup at least.

Naomi: Joy. Everyone should know my thoughts on Naomi but I think she is awful so I am not looking forward to this one at all.

Eric Young: They didn’t even announce this one. It was just randomly shown on a graphic when talking about the Shakeup. Splitting up Sanity isn’t the worst thing in the world. They weren’t doing anything with them and they just lost to the Miz in a 1-on-3 matchup. Though I highly doubt Young does anything of worth on RAW.

AJ Styles: Along with The Usos this was the most obvious name to cross over from Smackdown to RAW. Styles was on Smackdown for so long that he needed this switch. Even as a part time performer, he still adds value to the show. RAW is currently overloaded with babyfaces so some need to move over tomorrow night.

-While a handful of the NXT callups were on RAW, the only one to my knowledge that was confirmed to stay on RAW was Lacey Evans. Evans beat Natty to earn the right to fight Becky Lynch for the RAW Women’s Title. I think she is going to get over on the main roster, just a hunch.

-These Bray Wyatt videos are actually getting stupider. Now we have a creepy doll?

-If they are going to make Gable and Roode heels then they need to let Roode do the talking. Gable comes off as awkward as a heel.

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