5 Picks For Next Week’s Superstar Shakeup!

Justin C and The Chairman, your RAW and Smackdown reviewers, are here to give you their picks on who they would pick to switch brands in this week’s Superstar Shakeup!

From Smackdown to RAW (done by Justin C)

Samoa Joe: Joe is a prime candidate to move over with the United States Title. I know he just came over to Smackdown last year in the shakeup, but I think a move here gives him more of a chance to shine. And that is especially true on the RAW side where your top heel is Drew McIntyre. I like Drew but I would slot Joe ahead of him at the moment. A Rollins/Joe feud in the summer sound pretty good to me.

The Miz: Anything to get Miz away from that Shane McMahon stink. I know a lot of people aren’t a fan of face Miz but I think he’s done well so far. I would like to see what he would do outside of a program with Shane McMahon as a face. Imagine if you put him in a feud right away with Baron Corbin? That is instant face heat for Miz.

The Usos: This switch seems like a lock after they dropped the Tag Team Titles this past week on Smackdown. The Usos have been on Smackdown forever and they would add instant credibility to the RAW tag team division. They have a ready made feud with The Revival waiting. It doesn’t even have to be for the RAW tag titles.

Luke Harper: Harper has been ready to come back from injury forever. He was in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal but did nothing of note. Harper can come to RAW and be immediately put into a feud with Samoa Joe over the United States Title. I’d love to see that match. Harper adds an instant credible mid-card face to the RAW side of things.

AJ Styles: Styles has done all he possibly can on Smackdown. As long as you keep Styles away from Samoa Joe he has a ton of fresh matchups waiting for him over on RAW. Depending on his injury you could go right to a Rollins/Styles program.

From RAW to Smackdown (done by The Chairman)

Roman Reigns: With Seth Rollins currently entrenched as the number one babyface and Universal Champion along with Smackdown moving to Fox this fall, this would be the ideal situation for Roman Reigns. Reigns could easily become one of the top guys on Smackdown on his own leaving Rollins on Raw to do his thing and Dean Ambrose of course is on his way out the door. Reigns more than likely will become part of the WWE Championship picture by Summerslam and could very well hold that very title when Smackdown makes the move to Fox this fall. Not a scenario I envision mind you, but a Vince McMahon one.

Finn Balor: Perhaps Balor was doing some foreshadowing with his blue attire this past Monday Night Raw? Either or, being that Balor is the current Intercontinental Champion, chances are pretty good we could see the secondary titles swap brands this year. We all thought they were going to last year when Jinder Mahal brought the US title to Raw, but Jeff Hardy ended up beating him on Raw and bringing the US title to Smackdown the next night. Many fans want to see Balor move to Smackdown and rightfully so. There will be plenty of new challenges for him on Smackdown Live and I’m looking forward to it should Finn make the switch.

Authors of Pain: It’s been a few months since we’ve last seen AOP, but Superstar Shakeup is as good as time as any to bring them back. Their entire tenure on Raw was completely mishandled and sure they won the titles, but their reign was forgetful. Smackdown Live has had a much better tag team division and AOP could make some noise. Or they could end up like Sanity and completely disappear.

Ember Moon: Ember Moon’s transition from NXT to Raw hasn’t been handled the best. With her being out and recently returning at Wrestlemania for the Women’s Battle Royal, I couldn’t think of a better place for her to go than to Smackdown. The Smackdown women’s division desperately needs a spark and Ember could definitely provide that. She could feud with Charlotte Flair? She has history with Asuka in NXT. This would be the best thing for everyone.

Apollo Crews: Not all the superstars involved in the shakeup are going to be eye catching names. However if you look at Smackdown Live, they seem to almost make the best out of what they have. We all probably said whatever when R-Truth was moved to Smackdown last year, but look at the run he’s had in the midcard. Apollo is a guy that has tons of talent, but he just needs a place to showcase it. Sure he was on Smackdown before, but that’s when Smackdown was somewhat struggling. Smackdown has definitely been the better brand this past year and I could see Apollo easily becoming another Andrade or Ali if given the chance.

One NXT Call-Up For Each Brand

To RAW, Candice LeRae: I’ve been waiting and waiting for Candice to make some kind of impact on the NXT Women’s Division but it hasn’t happened yet. Part of me is now thinking that it is because they want Candice to jump right to one of the main shows. So while she may be Shayna’s next challenger, I’m moving her to RAW. She can work with veterans like Mickie James and Natty to get over with the crowd to start.

To Smackdown, Kairi Sane: She wasn’t originally one of my picks, but since Justin challenged me to pick an NXT superstar I’m going with Kairi Sane. It was revealed that Kairi Sane would be getting another NXT Women’s Championship match against Shayna Baszler. However the stipulation was added that if Kairi loses, she will never get another shot at the title and William Regal agreed. This is all but the writing on the wall along with the rumors of Paige bringing a tag team to challenge the Iiconics and many think it’s the Sky Pirates Kairi Sane and Io Shirai. I guess we’ll see what happens.

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