Justin C’s Wrestlemania Weekend Blog

It’s Wrestlemania Weekend, and I am in New York for it! I’ll be updating my thoughts and stories here throughout the week. I’m officially going to Axxess, NXT Takeover, New Japan/Ring of Honor Supercard, Wrestlemania, RAW and WrestleCon. I’ll have photos and updates throughout the weekend!


So I was going to try and update this all weekend, but right now is pretty much the first time I’ve had to do it.

After getting in on Thursday we went to Axxess. Had to take a train then a shuttle to get there. It was on Pier 12 in Brooklyn. It was pretty much a giant warehouse.

Axxess itself was a major let down. It was much smaller than previous years and didn’t have nearly as much stuff. It seemed like everything was crammed in and thrown together last minute. I wonder if the rumors of the WWE having a hard fine finding a venue for Axxess was true.

The one good thing, even though the lines were still long, is that they had four people to an autograph table. Usually it was just one. I had the opportunity to meet Shelton Benjamin, Mike and Maria Kanellis, and Samoa Joe.

Friday and Saturday morning I went to Wrestlecon both days. The good thing about WrestleCon is that you can also get into the wrestling shows they were doing that day. So I attended both USA vs The World and Pancakes and Piledrivers. USA vs the World was by far the better show. It had more energy and better action despite the crowd being smaller. There were also NO PANCAKES at the Saturday show because the hotel would not make them.

Wrestlecon itself is always a unique experience. I’m trying not to spend too much money on this trip, but I did pay to meet Shawn Michaels and Lex Luger. HBK is my favorite wrestler of all time so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

Otherwise it’s just interesting, and a little sad, to see some of the wrestlers in the state they are in.

Friday night I attended NXT Takeover and it was great. It was the first takeover I’ve ever been too and it lived up to the hype. For the main event I’d say the crowd was about 65/35 in favor of Adam Cole to start. But when the Undisputed Era interfered they pretty much went all for Johnny Gargano, and it was nice to see him get the big moment he deserved.

Velveteen Dream was way more over than Matt Riddle, and I think Riddle used that to act more as a heel during the match. The UK Title match didn’t have the crowd the whole time, but I liked it for being different than every other NXT match. I thought Walter would be even with Pete Dunne when it came to popularity. The tag match was fun. The women struggled a bit. I didn’t like how that match was put together.

I’ll have another update tomorrow after my New Japan/ROH show before I leave for Wrestlemania.

Saturday Night: So I attended the New Japan/ROH show and if you would have told me NXT would be the better show of the two, I wouldn’t have believed you.

Of course that partially has to do with the Ring of Honor portion of the card. It was not good. The ladder match needed to be trimmed by about 10 minutes. And I can count the number of people on both hands who wanted to see Matt Taven win.

Then you have the Enzo and Cass shit. Who thought bringing those two in was a good idea? They were never good and no one in the crowd wanted to see these two. It was also poorly done. You had that worked shoot going on while Yano had the Tag Titles on the ramp. Way too much going on at once. Ring of Honor is in bad shape right now.

With that said, the New Japan stuff was very good. Naito and Ibushi was great and scary at the same time. I was with a friend whose never seen New Japan and he asked if they normally just landed on each other’s necks like that.

Okada was over as all hell. A lot of people were hating on Jay White. And not heel heat, more like this guy doesn’t deserve to be here which I strongly disagree with. I’ve said numerous times White has improved over the last year. I will say the match took a bit to get out of first gear. But once it did the crowd was super into it. I was surprised there was no post match angle to setup Okada’s next challenger.

Tanahashi and ZSJ was solid. I thought the Juniors match was too short. It could have used another five minutes from the ROH match. Cobb vs Ospreay was a solid opener.

Wrestlemania: Okay what a long day. I’m not going to jump down the “too long/should be two days” crowd. That’s obvious.

I took the Meadowlands bus from port authority there and back. So I did not have to wait until 4 at the stadium. The line was long for the buses but I was at the hotel by 230. So I’m sorry for those of you that were stuck.

I enjoyed the show. As a big of a Becky fan as I am I have to admit that the show peaked at the Kofi/Daniel Bryan Match. It was the match of the night by far. It was a great moment for Kofi and the crowd loved it.

I don’t know what happened with the main event. It seemed odd to have Becky win like she did. I don’t know if I believe that the finish was botched or not. But it did hurt the end a little because the crowd wasn’t expecting it and there was no build up to the finish. The crowd was cheering for Becky but not as loud as you would expect.

Seth and Brock opening the show was a nice change to things. It had a hot crowd to start and started the show off the right way.

How the WWE has no idea to set their lights is ridiculous. We had a bright yellow spotlight in our section for the Orton/AJ Match. That is the worst color to use. And you don’t need to shine a bright light in the crowd. There are better ways to light a crowd.

HHH/Batista dragged on for way too long. Triple H doesn’t need to have these long matches anymore. And there was way too much laying on the ground and stalling.

RAW After Mania: This show was good then completely fell off a cliff when the main event happened. Now I’m pretty sure every wrestling fan watching the show knew that there was no way the WWE and Universal Titles were going to be on just one man. We all thought there was going to be some screwy finish. But to give us The Bar? No offense to them, but they were a huge letdown in that spot. And normally I hate when the crowd does stupid shit but I found it warranted in this spot. Everyone around me was hoping for the Undisputed Era.

The Undertaker was a nice surprise for a one off appearance.

I don’t have as much of a problem with Lacey Evans like a lot of people do. Do I think she’s ready for a big program with Becky Lynch? Maybe. But if there is anyone that can carry Lacey through a big program it’s Becky. And you can’t throw Alexa right into a program with her until she stays healthy.

The in ring action for the most part was good. I liked Finn/Zayn and I think the time off for Sami is going to be beneficial for him. And he cut a great promo after his match as well.

I’m in no way looking forward to the return of Bray Wyatt if his character doesn’t undergo some sort of change.

Ill have even more thoughts from my weekend on this weeks HTCWrestling Podcast!

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