WWE RAW 3.25.19: The Three Key Stories w/Justin C

1. Filling Time With the RAW Women’s Title

So to start RAW the WWE had a “Beat the Clock Challenge” featuring Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair going up against members of the Riott Squad. The point of the challenge? I still don’t know. The only thing it did was make the Riott Squad look like even a bigger bunch of goobers than they already are. The WWE gave themselves props for making this match the main event of Wrestlemania and now they are just going to get there. The story to get to this match hasn’t recovered since, surprise, Vince McMahon adding Charlotte Flair to the match. Now instead of being super hyped for this match, we are just regular hyped and want to get to Wrestlemania as quickly as possible. It is just typical WWE to overbook stuff that they don’t need to.

2. A Rushed Kurt Angle Retirement Tour

I think I have said this multiple times, but it needs to be said again. The fact that they are rushing through this Kurt Angle retirement tour is sad. They just threw together his matches against AJ Styles and Samoa Joe this week. And my thoughts are already well known about his match against Baron Corbin. The WWE could have stretched this out over the early part of 2019. I don’t think they could have gotten the same story they did with Ric Flair going into Wrestlemania 24, but it could have come close. I would have been tempted to see Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle at some point, but I would fear for Kurt’s body during that match. This is way too rushed and not important for an all time great when it comes to the WWE.

3. Oh Good Triple H’s Career Is On The Line!

Well I think the WWE officially gave me my bathroom break match for Wrestlemania. Triple H will be putting his career on the line at Wrestlemania when he fights Batista. I said the WWE really needed to go out of their way to make me care about this match. And guess what? Adding this stipulation actually makes me care less. I would assume it almost guarantees a Triple H win at Wrestlemania. Of course the last time Wrestlemania was in MetLife Stadium, Triple H’s career was also on he line. I just can’t care about two part timers in a feud where the entire story was barely built up. Hopefully all the lines will be short during this match so I can get some food too.

Random Notes

-Going from teaming with Lio Rush to teaming with Jinder Mahal actually represents a downgrade to me.

-The SNL guys are not funny. The comedy is bad and way too forced.

-Is it too early to replace the term “X-Pac Heat” with “Baron Corbin Heat.”

-Are Seth Rollins and Paul Heyman cutting the same promo every week?

-A 12 minute Last Man Standing Match with a commercial. Good job there WWE.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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