What Is The Best Wrestling Tournament Of All Time?

For this week’s “Ask the HTCWrestling Staff,” they give their thoughts on their favorite wrestling tournament of all time!

The Chairman: My favorite wrestling tournament of all time would have to be the Survivor Series Deadly Games tournament that took place in 1998. I enjoyed the King of the Ring tournaments growing up, but looking back I feel the WWF missed the boat by not rewarding the winner with at least a title shot. Here with Deadly Games, the winner of this tournament became the WWF Champion that was vacated. The tournament was of course stacked with Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Mankind, Undertaker, Kane, and many others. You had plenty of surprises as well from Mankind beating Stone Cold thanks to Shane McMahon screwing Stone Cold to all the fans supporting The Rock until it was revealed he was the chosen corporate champion all along. The Rock winning this tournament also propelled him to the main event spot and he never let go. We also got the birth of a long and nasty rivalry between the Rock and Mankind that went on for several months that strangely enough led to Mankind’s huge championship win on the first Raw in 1999 that changed everything in the Monday Night Wars with WCW. In a strange way you can pinpoint the Survivor Series Deadly Games tournament is where WWF was about to turn the tide against WCW.

Cam: My answer is the WWE Gold Rush Tournament from 2005. I had a hard time not going with the WWE Cruiserweight Classic here but the image of Shawn Michaels super kicking Shelton Benjamin mid air will never leave my mind. I’m always a fan of tournaments in wrestling to crown new challengers or champions and this one is no different. To me, this had a great bracket (and yes, even with Kane.) It also became the coming out party for Edge’s run as a main eventer.

Justin C: I thought about going with the Gold Rush Tournament as well, but my answer is  the 2017 G1 Climax. I had just started getting into New Japan full time and was fully invested in this tournament from the start. Of course being a Naito fan I loved the outcome. But he was having great matches all tournament and the Finals match with Kenny Omega was a classic. Yuji Nagata also had a great tournament from a farewell perspective and he was one of the stars of it. This is considered one of the best G1s from a match quality standpoint and it is hard to argue against that.

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