WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses 3.19.19 w/ The Chairman

HIT: Kofimania Enters Another Gauntlet

It was decided by Vince McMahon last week that Kofi Kingston would have to face Randy Orton, Samoa Joe, The Bar Sheamus and Cesaro, and Rowan in a gauntlet match and if he were to somehow win, then he would go to Wrestlemania. Kofi of course had the support of many others in WWE, but Kofi would have to do this alone being Big E and Xavier Woods were banned from ringside. Kofi though rose to the challenge and took care of Sheamus and Cesaro. Things took a turn though with Rowan where he got himself disqualified for using a chair. However this proved to be a solid strategy as Rowan made sure Kofi suffered a brutal beating including an Iron Claw thru a table. Samoa Joe had Kofi ripe for the picking, but Kofimania survived even the Samoan Submission Machine. Joe didn’t go down quietly though as he choked out Kofi against the ropes before Kofi’s final opponent Randy Orton came to the ring. Orton however couldn’t stop Kofimania and Kofi Kingston won the gauntlet match. Of course when it comes to Vince McMahon, you know something screwy is going to happen.


MISS: The Gauntlet Continues…

Vince McMahon sure enough had one more opponent for Kofi Kingston and that was none other than WWE Champion Daniel Bryan. Being Kofi had been wrestling for nearly an hour, there’s no way Kofi had anything left. The sequence though between these two was pretty solid. Kofi had a couple of close calls putting everything he had out there. Unfortunately Bryan had Kofi right where he wanted him and the Running Knee finally killed off the dreams of Kofimania. With two more episodes of Smackdown Live left before Wrestlemania, Daniel Bryan still doesn’t have an opponent. Clearly we’re going to drag this storyline down to the wire on whether or not Kofi Kingston gets to challenge Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania.


HIT: Sasha and Bayley Invade Smackdown

Sasha Banks and Bayley bring their WWE Women’s Tag Team titles to Smackdown Live after being called out by the Iiconics Peyton Royce and Billie Kay for weeks. The two teams faced off in a non title match and things didn’t go well for the Boss and Hug Connection. After dealing with Natalya and Beth Phoenix last night, perhaps they were spent? Of course we’ll never know because the Iiconics used underhanded tactics to steal a victory over Sasha and Bayley.


MISS: Who Faces Sasha and Bayley at Wrestlemania?

Things are getting awfully messy regarding the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship. Now that the Iiconics scored a win over the champs, one would assume they’d get a title shot. Of course Beth Phoenix didn’t come out of retirement to sit on the sidelines so more than likely she’s getting a title shot as well along with her partner Natalya. Of course Nia Jax and Tamina are always lurking. There’s no clear path with two weeks left to Wrestlemania except we’re probably not getting that Sasha and Bayley vs Trish Stratus and Lita match some predicted before Wrestlemania season was well underway.


HIT: Rey Mysterio Sets His Title Match

Rey Mysterio was backstage with his son (or Eddie’s?) Dominic and Rey has decided that at Wrestlemania he will challenge Samoa Joe for the United States Championship. Definitely wasn’t a Wrestlemania match on alot of radars, but one I could personally get behind. Both of these guys are veterans in the business and can definitely give us a good match.


HIT: Miz as a Fan Favorite

After Shane McMahon made his comments last week regarding The Miz and making the match for Wrestlemania, Miz tonight kicked off Smackdown Live with his rebuttal. Miz hit the promo out of the park and it’s clear he had the support of the WWE Universe. Shane definitely isn’t the ideal opponent for anyone at Wrestlemania, but if anyone is going to get the fans behind them to take him out it’s The Miz. Hopefully there are some big plans for fan favorite Miz going forward after Wrestlemania. The WWE definitely needs more fan favorites and the Miz could definitely be that guy.


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