WWE Fastlane 2019: Five Thoughts w/Justin C

1. Kudos to the WWE For Doing The Right Thing In The Miz/Shane Story

On the HTCWrestling Podcast this week, I talked about the idea of turning Shane heel instead of Miz. And sure enough, the WWE decided to go that route with the story. Shane turned on the Miz after they lost their rematch for the Smackdown Live Tag Team Titles. Of course in typical Shane fashion he looked awful doing it. Shane threw some awful punches and applied the worst arm triangle I have ever seen. But it was the right thing to do rather than the typical Miz turn. Now the question becomes whether or not the Miz can actually pull off playing the face this time. He was not good at it the last time they tried it. But I think enough people are sick of Shane McMahon that they might actually cheer The Miz.

2. In The End, The WWE Kind Of Gets The WWE Title Picture Right

So the night started with Kofi going to Vince’s office and Vince telling him the WWE Title match is a triple threat. Kofi goes to the ring and instead gets a handicap match with The Bar and gets destroyed. Later on, the WWE Title match is a triple threat match but with Mustafa Ali. The crow wasn’t having it at all, and they ended up chanting for Kofi at the start. But to the credit of Ali, Bryan and Kevin Owens, they worked their asses off to win back over the crowd and had a great match. All three of them looked great. Ali got his shot and is now written out of the WWE Title picture. Kevin Owens has an out for a rematch. And Kofi can now get built back up going into Wrestlemania. I still wasn’t a fan of how they booked Kofi coming out of it, but the crowd still chanting for him is a good sign.

3. Turning The Simplest Storyline Into A Giant Mess

You kind of figured they were going in the direction they did, match wise, but they have turned the RAW Women’s Title into the most complicated storyline we’ve seen in such a long time. I love that they showed Becky Lynch winning the Rumble in the promo package. They took the most over act in the company and put her in a mess of a storyline. You know how you could’ve made it easier? Charlotte claims Becky was never a proper entrant into the Rumble. Charlotte fights Becky and wins via shenanigans and gets added to the match. Honestly, I’ve gone back to Charlotte being in this match being an absolute detriment to the storyline. And it has caused this giant mess of a storyline to go about. We just need to get to Wrestlemania now.

4. Am I A Bad Person For Just Saying “Meh” To The Shield Reunion?

If you read my RAW review from last week you knew I was down on The Shield reunion to start. I just did not care about it at all. I was happy to see Roman Reigns back in the ring but that is about it. And I thought the match was just okay. They kept shoving the whole “Dean Ambrose Leaving” story down our throats. McIntyre, Corbin and Lashley never seemed like much of a threat. And I thought the match went on a little too long for my liking. They have gone back to this well one too many times and when they finally did the actual reunion it just didn’t have the juice needed. If Ambrose re-signs you know this won’t be the last time we see The Shield like they said.

5. We Just Need To Get To Wrestlemania

As you can see, I think the WWE just needs to get to Wrestlemania at this point. Once that show starts, a good amount of people will have forgotten about how we got there with all of these awful storylines. The WWE said they were shaking things up back in December but instead they have turned things into a giant mess. I really hope there is a hard reset after Wrestlemania because the WWE desperately needs it. They’ve over complicated things with two of their top storylines. They’ve made you not care at all about the RAW mid-card. The tag team divisions are still treated badly. Nothing has changed. And when they start their new season after Wrestlemania they better have some good ideas in mind. Otherwise we will be right back to square one.

Random Thoughts

-Is Lana going to turn into Cowboy Bob Orton and wear that stupid ankle thing for the rest of her career?

-Of course they have to tease a Mandy/Sonya breakup again despite them being great together.

-I wish the RAW Title match went about ten minutes longer.

-It was smart of the WWE to switch from Rey vs Andrade, to a rematch of the Fatal 4 Way from Smackdown and put it on the main show.

-Why is everyone getting their heat back after losses tonight? Why couldn’t Nia and Tamina just taken a loss and not have to attack Beth Phoenix?

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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