The HTCWrestling Staff Answers: What Is Your Favorite Ric Flair Match?

With Ric Flair’s 70th birthday this past week, the staff at HTCWrestling answers what their favorite Ric Flair match of all time is!

Justin C: You of course have the classic matches you could bring up with Ricky Steamboat, Dusty Rhodes, Sting etc. For me my favorite Ric Flair match of all time was against Vader at Starrcade 93. Flair had returned to WCW earlier in 1993 and they took their time getting to this point. In fact, Flair wasn’t even suppose to be in this match. But Sid decided to try and stab Arn Anderson with scissors and that ended Sid’s WCW run. Enter Ric Flair, who put his career on the line to add even more high stakes to the match. The show was in North Carolina and they followed Flair from his house all the way to the arena. With the show being in Flair country the entire crowd was into the match from the start. Grown men in their 40s getting out of their seats to get behind Flair. And the pop when Flair wins is great. Vader, in my opinion, is the best big man in wrestling history and Flair being the smaller underdog added to the story. Just a perfect storytelling experience from start to finish.

The Chairman: I’ll be honest, I’ve never watched alot of Ric Flair’s classic matches that have been raved about as some of his all time greats. The only time I watched WCW when I was growing up was during the nWo invasion so I’ve never seen Flair vs Funk, Flair vs Steamboat, etc. Someday I will try to revisit those, finding time is the issue. With that being said, my favorite Ric Flair match would be against Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania XXIV in his career ending match. Granted this match took place during my hiatus of watching wrestling, but I did happen to watch this Wrestlemania and appreciated the backstory going into it. Ric Flair couldn’t lose a single match or he was gone and he was off to an amazing winning streak. That is until he met Mr. Wrestlemania himself Shawn Michaels. One of the most powerful moments in wrestling history is when Shawn Michaels said “I love you” before delivering Sweet Chin Music to put Flair down once in for all. The match though was edge of your seat stuff and of course you wanted Flair to continue his career, but unfortunately this is where his story ended. Flair though had one hell of a career winning sixteen world championships spanning over how many decades hence why he’s always going to be in the conversation for one of the greatest of all time.

Cam: As Justin said there are a good amount of classic Ric Flair matches from the early 80s. I’ve always been a WWE guy and the highlight for me was his match with Randy Savage at Wrestlemania 8. Everyone was expecting Flair to fight Hulk Hogan at this show. But this match is better than anything Hogan and Flair could have done. Plus you have the story with Elizabeth adding to the emotion of the match. It was great story telling for early 90s WWE.

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