WWE RAW 2.25.19: The Three Key Stories w/Justin C

1. Forget Everything Else, I’m Just Happy For Roman Reigns

All week there was a big debate about how the WWE was doing the Roman Reigns announcement this Monday on RAW. While I’m sure there was a thought about the ratings, I don’t think it was in bad taste at all like some people did *cough*Dave Meltzer*cough*. But putting all that aside, it was great to hear that Roman Reigns is in remission from his battle with leukemia. Any time someone can go into remission from a cancer battle it is great news. He’s probably still not ready to compete. And it was great to see him get involved a little in the action later on in the night. All I know is for one night, I hope everyone can put everything behind the scenes aside and just be happy for Roman Reigns.

2. So They Are Trying To Make Ronda A Sympathetic Face Here?

Boy is the WWE desperate to get Ronda some cheers at Wrestlemania. After Becky Lynch attacked her again with a crutch, Ronda asked for Vince McMahon to come out and get Becky put in the match. Instead Stephanie McMahon came out and she still said no. If they would have gone about it that way I would have been pissed. Becky needs to earn her way back into this match. But Ronda left the RAW Women’s Title in the ring and made it seem like she won’t fight unless Becky is back in the match. Becky needs to have a match with Charlotte. Ronda doing this takes away all of the heat those two had from their first interaction after the Royal Rumble. The WWE is lucky Becky is still over because they have been botching this storyline up for the last few weeks.

3. A Well Done Angle, But I Have Zero Interest In Batista vs Triple H

Okay, first let me say that I thought the end of RAW was really well done. Batista showing up and dragging a lifeless Ric Flair backstage was a nice surprise ending. But when it comes to Wrestlemania, I have zero interest in seeing those two work a standard wrestling match. They need to add some kind of stipulation to the match to make it worth watching. Triple H’s past few singles Wrestlemania matches have not been good. My guess is some kind of stipulation gets added because they seem to be building this up to a blood feud. I also will find a face Triple H really weird going into this show. I’m willing to give this angle a chance, and it was a good start, but they need to keep it up to get me interested in the match at Wrestlemania.

Random Thoughts

-Vince McMahon is an evil genius. He gave the Revival the RAW Tag Titles to make them happy, then proceeded to job them out to the new NXT guys.

-I’m so glad Kurt Angle showed up to wrestle Jinder Mahal. Of course the sad thing is that it was a match-up of two former WWE Champions.

-Why are they turning Alexa Bliss into a woman who hits on every guy in sight?

-I have no idea what they are doing with Dean Ambrose ever since they said he was leaving.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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