WWE Releases Tye Dillinger, Hideo Itami and TJP

Well it looks like it is a mini Black Friday when it comes to the WWE. Maybe the WWE wanted to get all of this out with the Robert Kraft news coming out today. The WWE confirmed the following releases on Twitter today:

Tye Dillinger- Dillinger asked for his release earlier in the week. He hasn’t been used on Smackdown in forever. I think since he had a two week program with Shinsuke Nakamura. I was never a Dillinger guy. Honestly, if you take away the “10” gimmick what you are left with is a mediocre worker at best. He’s friends with Cody so he might be AEW bound.

Hideo Itami- It was rumored that Itami asked for his release after the Royal Rumble. Itami’s WWE run was stricken down by injury. He could never stay healthy and his shoulder injury cost him a year. He was penciled in to win the NXT Title in Japan and that injury changed plans. Itami is rumored to be going back to Japan, likely his home promotion of NOAH.

TJP- The winner of the Cruiserweight Classic pretty much was never heard from again after he lost the Title. TJP is another one who reportedly wanted his release as well. He’s been pushed down to the bottom of the card when it comes to 205 Live as it is and I didn’t expect him to get back up there any time soon.

Justin C

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