WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses 2.12.19 w/ The Chairman

HIT: Kofi Kingston Master of the Gauntlet

Like Seth Rollins last year on Raw, Kofi Kingston was the star of the gauntlet match that took place on Smackdown Live. The winner of the gauntlet match would become the final entrant in the Elimination Chamber match this Sunday for the WWE Championship. The match started with Kofi Kingston taking on the New Daniel Bryan. Kofi replaced Mustafa Ali who was ruled out due to injury. Kofi and Bryan wrestled for a respectable amount of time and Rowan made his presence felt getting involved on more than one occasion. The referee ejected Big E and Xavier Woods first when they went after Rowan, but the ref finally eliminated Rowan. This made things an even playing field and Kofi scored his first victory. Jeff Hardy was the next one to enter and he also fell victim to Kofi. Samoa Joe was next and even fell victim to Kofi. Joe however didn’t go to the back quietly and brutally attacked Kofi after the match. AJ Styles made the save and was pleading was Kofi that he didn’t have to continue, but this lit a spark in Kofi. Kofi went after AJ Styles not backing down. It was a pretty intense moment and the crowd was split between the two. Kofi however after being in the gauntlet match for over an hour fell victim to the Calf Crusher. Smackdown Live was down to the wire with time and Randy Orton still had to wrestle. Orton of course hit an RKO outta nowhere on Styles and Randy Orton won the gauntlet match and last entrant in the Elimination Chamber Sunday. More people though will talk about the heart of Kofi Kingston in this gauntlet match than Orton’s victory.


MISS: Charlotte Flair is Going to Wrestlemania

On Raw last night, Vince McMahon suspended Becky Lynch for sixty days taking away her match at Wrestlemania against Ronnie. Vince of course inserted Charlotte Flair into the match instead and the opening of Smackdown tonight Charlotte boasted about her Wrestlemania match. The fans of course were upset and rightfully so and there was no Becky Lynch to interrupt her tonight. Anyone that is a wrestling fan knows Becky will eventually find her way back to Wrestlemania. However most fans don’t want Charlotte anywhere involved in this dream match and now she’s there. She may or may not be there when the dust clears, but I have a hard time seeing Charlotte not involved.


HIT: The Usos Make McMiz Look Like Fools

The Usos were invited to McMiz TV to promote their upcoming Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship match at Elimination Chamber. The Usos once again kill it on the mic and challenged how legit of a team Miz and Shane McMahon really are. Miz and Shane provided some comedy moments in this segment to make you cringe even more. The Usos however flipped the switch and got serious and finished the segment with a double superkick taking down the champions. Hopefully this fairy tale of Shane and Miz comes to an end Sunday against the Usos, but we’ll find out at the Chamber.


MISS: Same Old Situation Women Tag Teams

This week we see the same three women tag teams on Smackdown Live meet. However the losing team in this match would start the Elimination Chamber against Raw’s Sasha Banks and Bayley. The Iiconics immediately tag out and never enter the match again. Knowing Sasha and Bayley worked the Chamber last year along with Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, it was only writing on the wall they’d lose and they did. Carmella and Naomi put together a respectable showing to get the job done forcing Mandy and Sonya to enter the Chamber first. I have fears about the women’s tag team division going forward with the lack of depth of women tag teams, especially on Smackdown Live. I’d find it hard to see the titles go to a Smackdown Live tag team where there are a few more options on Raw being they actually had to have qualifying matches.


Not much to report on Smackdown Live being the awesome gauntlet match took up a good chunk of the show. With that always follow @ChairmanSV on Twitter for the latest tweets and thanks for reading.