WWE RAW 2.11.19: The Three Key Stories w/Justin C

1. The Mid-Card is Stagnant

That is not exactly what you want heading into Wrestlemania season. Unless something changes, it seems like yet again that the focus of the biggest show of the year will be at the top of the card and not anything lower. So expect a lot of thrown together mid-card matches with little to no meaning. The six man tag tonight took forever and felt pointless. Elias constantly getting interrupted was stupid unless it is going to lead to a new more aggressive side of Elias. I don’t need to see him break a guitar every week. These two PPVs are going to slow everything down yet again going into Wrestlemania season.

2. This Brock Lesnar Story Works With Seth Rollins

As you remember from the Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar match at last year’s Wrestlemania, they tried to sell the narrative of Brock not being there and make Roman Reigns this white knight who represented the WWE. The problem is that Reigns was universally hated by the majority of the WWE fans so they couldn’t get into it, and that was even with involving Vince McMahon. But the fans like Seth Rollins and this time they care. Rollins talked about Lesnar holding the WWE hostage over the last few years and he was right. And the crowd got behind him when he brought it up. As long as they don’t over play this story it should be good going into Wrestlemania.

3. And Just When It Couldn’t Get Any Dumber

I said last week that the WWE over complicated this Becky Lynch story. Guess what? They made it even worse this week. They said Becky was cleared by doctors. Then the whole show Becky was contemplating apologizing to Stephanie and Triple H so she can keep her match. Becky does, then that’s that. Then Vince magically suspends Becky for 60 days and puts Charlotte Flair in the match? Did you follow all that? Because I just watched the show and I’m still trying to figure out how Vince McMahon and the writing staff made this entire storyline so fucking complicated. There were so many easier routes in front of them and they chose this? Stupidity at its finest. They better hope this doesn’t kill any of Becky’s steam. And I really hope we don’t get a McMahon in every corner at Wrestlemania to add to this side show.

Other Notes

-Like Tamina and Nia Jax were really going to start the Elimination Chamber match.

-Speaking of Tamina, are we really calling her the “Samoan Slaughterhouse” nowadays.

-Kevin Owens out bowling with his family was something weird to see.

-So we are really already jobbing out Nikki Cross?

-The Revival vs Roode and Gable match was fantastic. The reports from the house shows were on the money.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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