WWE RAW 2.4.19: The Three Key Stories w/Justin C

1. Why You Have To Go And Make Things So Complicated?

I was worried when the WWE announced that Becky Lynch was invited to RAW by Stephanie McMahon. And sure enough the WWE brought my worries to the forefront. Stephanie McMahon made a big deal about Becky not having a doctor look at her knee. Stephanie wanted Becky to have her knee looked at or Becky risked suspension. Wrestlemania is two months away. Why does she have to go now? Becky attacking Steph is fine but it was such a dumb way to go about it. Why does the same standard not apply to Seth Rollins who is currently injured? Becky was over enough as it was she didn’t have to get involved with Stephanie. This is the most complicated way to get Charlotte into the match. There were so many easier stories to tell then the one they did.

2. Okay Seriously, Who Did I Piss Off?

If you have seen any of my work on HTCWrestling when it came to my WCW reviews, you know my disdain for Jeff Jarrett. I absolutely hate that man. He’s probably my most hated wrestler of all time. And now all of the sudden he is not only back, he is also in a program with Elias. Last week I said I was getting bored with Elias act. And being put in a program with Jeff Jarrett is doing him no good. And now he is going to fight Road Dogg, who should not be wearing a flat brimmed hat at his age. This feud is going to do Elias no good whatsoever.

3. And You Finish It With Baron Corbin???

Here I thought the WWE was going to do something right finally with Kurt Angle. Maybe he was going to go on one last run and get a series of good matches in. But nope, you have Baron Freaking Corbin interrupt him. Then you have cooled off Drew McIntyre come out and we get a tag at the end of the night with those two against Braun and Kurt. And it still leads to nothing. This show sucked. All of the things advertised before the show did not deliver. And the tag match didn’t even really play into anything Angle did earlier in the night. It was a waste of time to pay attention to any of this show and figure out what was going on. And you once again put Baron Corbin in the main event.

Random Notes

-So the WWE just had Ronda bury two members of the Riott Squad that are going to be competing for the Tag Titles in a few weeks.

-Heavy Machinery not only lost in the Smackdown Tag Title #1 Contenders Match but also the RAW one. Sure they didn’t take the pin but they came out on the losing end every time.

-Poor Sasha Banks and Bayley are going to be the workhorses of that women’s Chamber match.

-Finn Balor goes from Universal Title back to Intercontinental Title. Sounds about right when it comes to WWE booking.

-EC3, Kurt Angle, Jeff Jarrett, Lashley, Bobby Roode. Who decided not to air RAW tonight and put on an episode of Impact instead?

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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