WWE Royal Rumble 2019: Five Thoughts w/Justin C

1. The Becky Lynch Show

We always talk about how Smackdown Live is the Becky Lynch Show. Well tonight, the Royal Rumble was the Becky Lynch Show. To start the show Becky had a great match with Asuka. Probably my match of the night by a good chunk. Great back and forth action and countering of submission moves. When Becky tapped out clean, I had a inkling she was 100% in the Rumble. Sure enough, Lana’s injury she suffered earlier in the night played a role in it. Becky eliminated Charlotte to win and the building went nuts. Easily the loudest pop of the night. And I have no doubt it sets up Ronda/Becky at the minimum for Mania. Becky tapping to Asuka gave her the rub she needed. I’m betting Charlotte finds her way into the match, with the out that Becky was never an actual participant in the match. Charlotte can pin Becky to get in the match and there is your Triple Threat.

2. Sasha Banks Steps Up 

Going into her match with Ronda Rousey, many people were hoping that Sasha Banks would show why she deserved this match and more matches like this in the future. And Sasha showed everyone she did. I thought it was Ronda’s best match since coming to the main roster. There were times when it seemed a bit clunky, but in a match like this I think it worked out in the end. Sasha teased a bit of a heel turn walking up the ramp, but I still think her and Bayley are destined for the Women’s Tag Titles. Ronda keeps proving the doubters wrong with each one of her matches.

3. And A Wild Erick Rowan Appears

I’m going to be honest. I missed the first half of the Daniel Bryan/AJ Styles match still celebrating Becky’s Rumble win and lighting my victory cigar. But from what I saw it was your typical technical Daniel Bryan match. The problem was that they put it on after the Becky win and the crowd was gassed from it. But then you end it with Erick Rowan helping Daniel Bryan win? Look, I’m all for a potential Daniel Bryan stable. But you couldn’t have had Luke Harper come out instead? The crowd had more of a “what the fuck is happening” type of reaction rather than one of surprised shock. Hopefully Harper comes back to join them in the next few weeks because just Rowan with Harper makes no sense. I also wonder if this means the program keeps going to Wrestlemania. As much as I like these two, it should be someone else fighting for the Title.

4. Finn Wins Even In Defeat

Brock Lesnar really does have good matches with smaller opponents. I personally preferred his matches with Styles and Bryan to this one, but it was still good. Balor looked good weakening Lesnar early on and taking advantage of it. The ending with Brock winning with the kimura kind of came out of nowhere and I was a little bummed out about it. But Brock’s post attack on Balor makes me think this program might not be done. Does Finn turn into the Demon going into Wrestlemania? I’m not sure. But the crowd was behind Balor the entire match and they are ready for him to be made a star on the WWE level.

5. A Lazily Booked Men’s Royal Rumble

Talk about a let down. I have no problem with Seth Rollins winning the Rumble. But how they did and the booking of the Rumble match itself was just bad. Rollins laid outside the ring for about a third of the match. The beginning with Elias and Jeff Jarrett took way too long. And the end with Nia Jax coming in? That was just about as stupid as you could get. Not only that, they had her eliminate Mustafa Ali. Yeah, that guy you let pin Daniel Bryan a month ago and have been pushing strongly the last few weeks. There was nothing memorable about the Rumble at all. And the way they booked Seth Rollins to win came off flat. And in all honesty, I think I’d rather have him fight Daniel Bryan and let Brock go back after Demon Balor. It was a disappointing end to an otherwise pretty good show.

Random Thoughts

-Shane McMahon hitting the Shooting Star Press was pretty cool, but I’m still not on board with them winning the Tag Titles. Yeah it is leading to Miz/Shane at Mania, but I just don’t care.

-Poor Rusev can’t even get into the Rumble match.

-Who should fight Asuka at Wrestlemania? I’d be perfectly happy with Nikki Cross. The crowd loves her.

-Carmella continues to impress me. And I have to admit I was also impressed by Lacey Evans as well.

-A match involving Jeff Jarrett and a guitar was a let down? NEVER DREW A DIME.

-The Kofi Kingston stuff officially jumped the shark this year for me.

-Imagine caring about Dolph Ziggler in 2019.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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