The HTCWrestling Staff Answers: Which Royal Rumble Match Would You Change?

The Chairman: It’s hard to pick just one winner I’d change for Royal Rumble winners because the majority of them in the last several years (other than Shinsuke Nakamura last year) the wrong guy has won in my opinion. As much as I want to pick Triple H from the 2016 Royal Rumble, there’s another eyesore far worse and that is the 2014 Royal Rumble.

The Rumble known for Dave Batista’s in ring return after a several year hiatus and Royal Rumble victory that upset many wrestling fans. Realistically an argument could be made for three other superstars to win this one instead.

Roman Reigns comes to mind because he was the runner up, the crowd was behind him, Reigns broke Kane’s record of eleven eliminations with twelve, and this would’ve been the perfect time to elevate Reigns to main event status before being forced there year in, year out.

Daniel Bryan is another. Bryan had a huge fan following at the time, such a huge following that he forced himself into the Wrestlemania WWE Championship match with his YES! Movement. Bryan didn’t even get entered into the Royal Rumble match and when Rey Mysterio came out at thirty, he was booed more than he ever was in his career. Definitely a mistake not having Daniel Bryan even compete in the Royal Rumble match.

CM Punk is the final option. This Royal Rumble event was the last time CM Punk was on WWE television. After Kane returned and eliminated him, Punk decided to walk out on WWE. It’s clear Punk always wanted to main event a Wrestlemania and had creative decided to let Punk win the Royal Rumble, imagine how different the landscape of WWE would be to this day.

Cam: The Royal Rumble match from 2011 shouldn’t have a new winner, it should be deleted from history. Outside of the John Morrison spot, this 40 man match ended with a comedic spot between Alberto del Rio and Santino. It was a giant waste in the end as Del Rio ended up opening Wrestlemania in a spot that could have been better used for someone like Christian in a one off match against Edge in his final match of his career.

Justin C: I’m going to go with 2016 and Triple H winning the Rumble and the WWE Title. There are some obvious answers like Sheamus in 2012 and Vince McMahon in 1999. But I still maintain that they at least made the McMahon storyline make sense in the end with how they got to Wrestlemania. But Triple H winning the WWE Title in 2016 at the Rumble just fell completely flat. The second he came out the ending was predictable. And no one cared about Triple H winning in the end. The crowd was just silent. No boos, no cheers, nothing. I would have had Dean Ambrose win the Title there then have Triple H win the Title at Roadblock. Yeah, it is playing hot potato with the Title which I hate. But the Rumble match should be about big moments and this would have been one of them. And help establish Ambrose as a bigger star going into his match with Brock Lesnar.

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