WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses 1.22.19 w/ The Chairman

Royal Rumble is coming up this Sunday and tonight on Smackdown Live, we see who gains some momentum for the big show.


HIT: Rey Mysterio and Andrade Two Out of Three Falls

The main event between Mysterio and Andrade was solid as expected. Lots of high flying action between the two and they got quite a bit of time to tell their story. Andrade managed to take the first fall with a vicious powerbomb off the top rope to Mysterio. Mysterio managed to take the second fall. However we’ll never know who the winner was going to be because Samoa Joe decided to run in and take out both superstars. More than likely the story between Mysterio and Andrade is far from over.


MISS: Naomi and Mandy Finally Wrestle

The odd storyline between Mandy Rose and Naomi finally got the two women in the ring tonight. Unfortunately their match wasn’t very good. Maybe it’s because I don’t care about this storyline or these two just didn’t mesh well together in the ring. Sonya Deville made her impact in this match to assist Mandy to get the win over Naomi and hopefully this terrible storyline is over once in for all.


HIT: Daniel Bryan Even Attacks Vince

Vince McMahon scheduled a face to face confrontation between Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles. Bryan stayed on the outside of the ring refusing to come into the ring despite Vince telling Bryan to get in the ring. Bryan went on his usual rants about everything, but eventually snapped at Vince. Bryan blamed Vince and his baby boomer generation for a large amount of problems in the world today. Styles had enough of Bryan and went outside of the ring to confront him. Bryan though was the last one standing when he used Vince as a shield to distract Styles long enough to take him down with a Running Knee.


MISS: No NXT Appearances

All this hype the past how many weeks of the new NXT callups and not a single one was featured on Smackdown Live tonight. Granted this was a pretty stacked episode of Smackdown Live, but it was odd seeing all of them on Raw last night in some capacity and nothing tonight. Lars of course is MIA so who knows if and when he’ll even show up.


HIT: Mustafa Ali Finally Meets Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe lately has an obsession with impacting matches, especially last week when he attacked Ali before the bell rang. This week we finally got the match and it was good. Earlier in the show there was a promo from Mustafa Ali talking about his background as a former police officer. It’s awesome to see Ali continued to be featured on Smackdown Live. However the match against Samoa Joe didn’t end well for him tonight as he was forced to tap in the Coquina Clutch. It’s clear Joe is getting another monster push just before the Royal Rumble to perceive him as a threat. However past booking doesn’t have me buying into that at all.


MISS: Charlotte Flair Crashing Becky and Asuka’s Promo

Becky Lynch kicked off Smackdown Live with another great promo regarding her opponent this Sunday Asuka. Asuka came to the ring to confront Becky, but it was Charlotte Flair interrupting making her presence known. Charlotte putting all the attention on her regarding the Royal Rumble. We get it, you’re heavily favored and probably going to win. However, I don’t like she basically stole the opening promo from Becky and Asuka. This basically tells me there’s no way Asuka retains the title against Becky because Asuka can’t be taken seriously in the promo department and Charlotte was used to basically to counter Becky, especially with Wrestlemania coming up. I guess we’ll see though this Sunday who holds gold and who holds title shots at Wrestlemania.


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